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chicky wrote (see)

Was about to go and eat breakfast!!

sorry chick...

That'll teach you to have a lie in..!

Lovely colour Fairygirl.  Post black dragon too please when it opens


 Clematis 'General Sikorski'

 Rhodohypoxis Baurii

 David Austin Rose 'Gertrude Jekyll'

 Dahlia PomPom


So lovely to see everything starting to come into flower

The potty gardener

Fairygirl that colour is really rich

. Mattbeer love your pics. Like you say it's great now everything is bursting into colour


Lovely pics Mattbeer - GJ is my favourite rose, and that General Sikourski is pretty special too



Will do Verdi!

Lovely pix Matt. G. Sikorski's lovely. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have several Rhodohypoxis, including this one. Mine are very small. Do you deadhead yours to keep it flowering? I am new to them and I want to get the best out of them.


Thanks everyone, I will post more pics as everything starts to flower

@Woodgreen I deadhead my garden religously to the point where I even pick off dead/dying foliage, so I guess the answer is yes

Summer has arrived this morning.   So sunny, bright and warm..










Hurrumph, overcast here - no doubt we'll get sunshine as soon - as I get to work - but this is the last June I'll ever have to work - have I mentioned I'm retiring??? 

You retiring dove.  No?  Lol


See my boss has just taken early retirement following bad Ofsted report - how come she gets to go early with a full pension when she screwed up - I didn't screw up and I have to wait .... 


Two sets of rules Dove ......


Are you retiring Dove- you never said...

Dove- it's the way of the world now isn't it? It's a wonder anyone stays motivated in may jobs now when we see poor work rewarded and good work ignored.

B.Dragon still looking very black but not unfolding yet Verd...



Yesterday the Bristol Group of the Alpine Garden Society had its summer outing to The Stone House Cottage Garden and John Massey's garden at Ashwood Nurseries where the gardeners themselves gave us a guided tour.  i was blown away by the beautiful colours in both  These ir


ises will be my next water colour task.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi happym. Did you think to have  lunch or tea and cakes at Brockencote Hall near Stone cott.? That really would have made my day.

Did anyone know dove is retiring.  She's kept quiet about it but now I've blown the secret.................


I believe she has mentioned it Verdun