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Winter those are cracking pix although I'm a little worried about your 'death' garden... there aren't any bodies are there?....

The lilies make  a great statement done like that and the rose covered arch is lovely. The rose looks very healthy and happy there.
Not grown that Eryngium but I see what you mean..could you just cut  off the lower leaves? Perhaps there's too much foliage for the rest of the plant to support. Someone will know the answer I'm sure!


Lovely garden Wintersong - love your wall of geums !  You have a really special knack of putting it all together.  At the moment my mission is to fill my garden - in later years I will start moving it all round so that it "goes together" - or at least thats what I tell myself


Thanks Bev, FG and chicky.

Yes FG I much prefer growing lilies in pots to make that statement but overall I am greatly frustrated with the border and it will need a mass overhaul at the end of the year. I know what I want, just made some wrong choices this year and its all ended up a bit bitty.

chicky, you are very kind but really I am still learning as I go. It's taken me four years of obsessing so far because I can't do it on paper. I have to see it in action but I'm starting to catch on.

wintersong i love the rose arch it looks so pretty.i never get that many flowers on my roses mine are not even in flower yet.Fairy girl the dark irises are stunning they had some at Harlow carr when i visited last week. they are on my wanted list


I finally found my other Roscoeas. As usual I put the fork through them. Just emerging at the end of June- how ridiculous. Anyway I dug them up and repotted them so I will know where they are next year. I need them to bulk up a bit before I stick them in the ground again. TLC in the nursery area.



Summer has really arrived tastewise.  I am having strawberries from my garden on my cereal. new potatoes for supper and tonight my very first Peach Marion.



I think I have some gooseberrys ready,but they don't have the appeal of your nice juicy peach , Marion

Winter...great pics.  The geums have taken my fancy...which variety are they? Got a couple of orange varieties but that yellow is very nice.

The arch looks great too


Aliesh- these dark Irises are so sumptuous and velvety you feel you could eat them. Bev- just read your post - you're  right - the pix just don't come anywhere near showing what they're like in the flesh. I tried altering the colour on here to get it nearer but I can't get it right at all-  it's worse when it's sunny too. If you have a nursery anywhere near you it might be worth a trip. I try to avoid going too often- I can't afford it!  I'd like some white ones now as well .. 


 i wonder if any one can help me identify this rose


I went up after it rained to pick some strawberries for my Peach Marion tonight.  Never had such big strawberries and a terrific crop.  once I am at the stage of having them three times a day, I will make some jam and freeze the rest.


That's cruel happymarion and very mischievous.............


Verdun, you will have to translate.  I would never be cruel intentionally, nor am I given to being mischievous.  If my plateful of garden lusciousness is anything but a pretty picture of the two gorgeous fruits I am enjoying from my garden at the moment then it is quite unintentional.  I have gluts of fruit as iIhave a huge garden but I give loads away.  I have posted this on a fb site and none of my friends got the message you seemed to get.  I just thought it was appropriate to post it here as these are a great sign of summer.  What would summer be without Peach Melba and strawberries at Wimbledon.


He means he is jealous :P

But in a joking way



Ahhh. that is why I did not understand.  Envy is one of the Ten Commandments and maligning people is too.  Difficult .

Betty Brown Eyes

just been out in the garden for a stroll round, thought i would share my little world x


that looks very tranquil betty, do you have a lot of midgies next to your stream in the hot weather




 Is there anything with such a glorious scent as honeysuckle on a humid evening?


Sorry seem to have lost the captions.

Top one Primula vialii

next a happy bumblebee on the tall yellow scabious

Lastly honeysuckle Graham  Thomas