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Winter- they're very arty farty photos!!!!

Guessing that's an allium art.

Do I get a prize Wintersong???

Art- as Marion said - that Clematis is stunning. Do any of you ever think of getting these printed for framing?  I think some of these would be really beautiful enlarged and done in a mount and framed.


I'd rather paint a picture of them I don't think the wintersong pic is an allium for some reason, but I may be wrong


The penultimate is Nectaroscordum siculum, used to be called Allium siculum

The potty gardener


Wow day one and already some brilliant pics. Wintersong they are brilliant pics.

I took a pic of my first rose, the smell is that typical old fashioned rose smell



Fraid not Nut...its a good old common allium although I can't remember the variety. It gets very leafy early spring and yellow star shaped flowers

 The bulbs smell of onion and its very vigorous!


Sorry for late reply...I worked a very early shift today and just didn't have the energy to think much so I slapped these up instead!

Post dinner, I'm a little more compos mentis

 so, yes, they are very arty.

I also cheated, since these are from previous garden is mostly still catching up and as stated, I didn't have the energy to take photos which mostly means getting down on all fours and into peculiar angles!

I paint in oils, so these are my stock of flower forms and light that I use in my paintings

 Imagine large versions of these hanging on your walls and there you go...not just a pretty face.

Oh go on then, one more just because we can...




WinterS, would love some pics of your flower paintings. My icon to the left is a detail from one of mine.

Nut, I think that what I have is Nectaroscordum Siculum, I guess it must be an allium?


I was probaly an allium when you got it artjak and changed to the more dfifficult to spell word later on

The potty gardener

Yes would love to see some pics of your paintings Wintersong.

Artjak are you sure that isn't some nasty condition?


Bev, yes it does sound rather itchy


Only just started looking at the pix - what a treat.  Everyone has some lovely plants, and some really clever photographic skills.  Enjoyed it so much I am going back to look at them all over again


Ok - a couple from me, taken earlier today:




 Well, maybe more than a couple !


Come on you two- blow your trumpets a bit!!!

Get some of those paintings on 'ere for us plebs to gawp at 

I could tell from those pix that you were into photograhy or something Wintersong and I always meant to ask if that was one of your own paintings art.

They are really really terrific.

Here's some I did earlier....



Ok- I admit it....I took those on holiday a few years ago...

The only thing I've painted recently is my daughter's windowsill- with varnish...just finished 20 mins ago 


FG, did you do that drawing, bottom right hand corner? Could we have a better pic of it?



Just had a thought, perhaps a thread on plant paintings that we have done/liked by other artists?

i can paint.  had loads of compliments and I think im rather good.  its quite a skill i have, if i say so myself....and I do....

i painted window tiles today...nice  brick red...and i might venture tomorrow with a varnish on my front door.  i need the inspiration...cuppa usually obliges...and I'm off again with my masterpieces.......

I'll get my coat......

Hi, I'm new to gardening. But I'm learning a lot. Does anyone have any tips or advice? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks


Art- I wish! I do love technical drawing though. Have done a plan for my garden in preparation for extension etc. Might put that on! Only thing I've drawn recently I'm afraid.

Verd...I beat you to it. My windowsills are exemplary... 

Night w'song. Pity you have to be up so early- I did that for years- knackering.Thanks for the lovely pix!