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Woodgreen wonderboy

FB, I think sweet peas appreciate a bit of warmth which was somewhat lacking last year? A summer to forget for all sorts of reasons geraniums too.  You have some good ones there.  

Re those beans, if they taste good I will grow those next year too.  


Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal'

Anemone De Caen

Cosmos Seashells (grown from seed)

Mesembryanthemum (grown from seed)

First batch of Freesias and Sweet Peas

Penstemon 'Amelia Jayne'

Nice photography matt.

The clematis is that.  Will think about plantIng that myself.

Dont know why penstemons aren't grown more widely....evergreen and summer long flowers



I had the Clematis end of last season for 50p, its simple to look after, you just chop it down every spring!

I love my Penstemon, I hacked it right back around March time and its come back up absolutely beautiful


 This penstemon is beautifull this year, more flowers than last year.

 My first strawberrys yummy,

Woodgreen wonderboy

Had 2 tiny tomatoes with my salad today.. sungold I think and v. tasty if gone in one gulp.


Verdun, if you live in an area with severe winters then penstemon aren't hardy. I love them, but they usually die in winter. I can't keep cuttings easily in winter, GH isn't heated, no window sills in French houses, and house sitters kill them.

Mattbeer87, the clematis and the anemone are super!

Zain, your aquilegia looks like classic Nora Barlow, not sure...



...lovely photos everyone...I could just eat those strawberries...

talking of Penstemons... here's one of mine... I quite like the 'Pensham' strain... this is Pensham Laura... borderline hardy where I am, it seems to have disappeared this season... I might try again...



The "wild flower patch"

although most of them look like they are on steroids, the purple foxglove is 7ft and a way to go yet

The blue dots are harebells.


 Cornus Kousa chinensis. about 25 year old.


Salino, those penstemens are beautiful. I only tried them once and it vanished in the winter, (I'm in East Anglia) Are you further North? (still can't access anyone's details)

Artjak, I grow several penstemons.  If you can't keep them over winter grow them as summer annuals or dig them up,pot them and keep in greenhouse.  Cuttings this year make good flowering plants next year. Grow true blue varieties too...Joyce grenfell being one......but they are weak and short lived so cuttings essential for this.  The blue rivals that of any gentian


Wow, some lovely photos. Love seeing pics.

Bob, wish my beans were doing as well.



Thanks Verdun, I like the idea of a Joyce Grenfell plant; I used to love her performances.


...hi artjak,... sorry I've only just seen your post... I find it difficult to keep up with threads...why I rarely do 'chat'...

I'm in north Cambs/Norfolk border... Fenland... sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't [too much litter along the verges depresses me]...  it reminds me a little of the American plains, where I've been a few times... very flat.. Bedford levels... with river or drainage courses... like the Netherlands too I suppose... a good area for ornamental grasses as I think they look better in this type of landscape...

glad you like the Penstemons... lots of varieties now aren't there... always difficult to choose...  not really hardy enough where we are although 'Garnet' or whatever it's called now, survived well enough until I got fed up with it...


Salino, I'm in the Fens too; Norfolk /Cambs border! So we have similar weather to contend with. Verdun suggests taking cuttings to keep favourite varieties.

Verdun, I can't find Joyce Grenfell plants anywhere. Any suggestions?

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have a prunus serrula with it's red bark with lots of penstemmon "Garnett" at the base. The carmine flowers complement the "Sheraton" bark.. sorry no pics. but will let your imaginations do their best to picture it.


Woody, love Prunus Serrula. Don't know Penstemon Garnett but will look it up. Was it you I "chatted" to before about that & Acer Griseum? So many posts I lose the plot. If not you I posted some pics in Gallery 13 of both, about page 4 I think.