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The potty gardener

Welcome Herby Lou. This is a very friendly forum never be afraid to ask anything.


What a wonderful first day of summer for pics and art!  I paint my flowers in watercolour. But when studying painting i had to learn acrylics, oils and lots of drawing.  Now I paint mostly with living flowers and photograph them.  

Herby Lou.  Decide what you want from your garden.  Is it to grow lovely flowers or delicious veg and fruit or both or perhaps to have as an outdoor entertainment space or just to relax in with your friends.  If you have to start from scratch and want two good perennials that will give you flowers this year and for many more treat youself to some pretty hardy geraniums and osteospermums.  Grow expensive salad leaves, they are very quick and very easy.  Buy the biggest plants you can afford and buy three, five or seven of the same plant.  Reoeat planting unifies the garden and blocks or ribbons of plants are much better than one of each, except in prairie planting which of course has lots of repeats.  One thing you can be sure of - gardening is fun and gets more and more rewarding as you get older.  I am 84.


Wintersong I don't think my plant has yellow flowers; I will know in the next week or so.

Welcome Herby lou Happy Marion is spot on I think, decide what you want, figure out which areas get the sun and when (you don't want your evening glass of wine in some damp corner; you want to see the sunset). Some plants like shade, some don't.


I have an incredible clematis right now, I 'bunged' it in a corner in rubbish soil, behind a fatsia and a large acer, and now it's gone nuts.. I'll take photos tomorrow to show you, maybe 60 flowers, beautiful waxy white about 3-4 inch in size. This thread has made me think I need to take some photos if not for a record, rather than sharing.. My tree peonies have flowered and finished.. sorry guys and gals. They are also in rubbish soil treading water while I sort the garden! Only one flower on each, but they have doubled in size from last year, and that's in terrible soil! Hoping you guys can identify the clematis as it's one I got from my brother from a large pot and 'moved'! Pics tomorrow!


Wow at everyone else's pics, what inspiration, wintersong, don't ever give me your address, because I have a trailer and will travel :P



Lovely photos everyone, I've only just found this thread, been busy. My Cecile Brunner climber is out, such exquiste little buds.



Great photo's folks!  Here are some from today:

I replaced the 20 year old timber surrounding a raised bed and extended it last week, also adding a herb bed:



And some close ups of various plants which look good at the mo:

Heuchera "key lime pie":

 Soloman's Seal in flower:

and one of my 3 veg plots.  Near to far: white onion, parsnips, carrots, red onions, broad beans, runner beans, comfrey:



great looking veg bob

envious of your heuchera key lime pie too.  i struggle with the yellows


Great photo's all. I'm not surprised that you have beautiful gardens being so arty/ talented. I couldn't draw a cardboard box when I was at school. I quite like arranging pots around the patio and can't sit and settle until they are in the "right" place. My planting can be hit and miss, but usually looks ok. Looking forward to seeing more pics.


Bob- looking great. Agree with Verd- that heuchera is outstanding! Love S's Seal too. I've got  a greenish heuchera seedling which was in a step at work so no idea what it is! Needing potted on so it'll be interesting to see if it's worth the bother or not.

BBen- the Clematis sounds great- looking forward to pic!

Verd- why are the yellows difficult for you?

The potty gardener

Bob the veg look very tidy. Like everyone else love the Heuchera


My Key Lime PIe Heuchera is now four lovely plants, growing rapidly.  What gorgeous pictures already and only the second day of summer.  Chelsea has nothing on us.  And we show for free.  I was gasping at the beauty in my garden this morning as i deadheaded (still hundreds of grapehyacinths and bluebells to do so no doubt my camera will be out again in between serving my two visiting sons Sunday lunch and tea.  Keep the pictures coming.  I am loving it.  And when the bearded iris and roses flower - well!  My iris are late this year probably for the same reasons as the bulbs but there are rosebuds aplenty.


KEF - you have your name back !

Great photos - especially love the key lime and Cecile Brunner.  My CB has lots of buds but no flowers yet.  We had one at the old house, mixed in with a white clematis montana, and it was my favourite bit of the garden.  Have planted the same here, but it is a waiting game for it to get anywhere close to the wow factor of the last one.

BBen, if you are taking photos for the record, then please share.  I am finding that sharing pics on here makes me remember to take them, and I am building up a photographic record of the garden through the seasons for the very first time - two birds/one stone etc.  And welcome Herby Lou


..I agree with that Marion, there is more ingenuity from gardeners on these threads than you ever see on t.v.  I sometimes think we are a strange hybrid of the late Geoff Hamilton/Bob Flowerdew/ and Carol Klein... 

..of course, Fairygirl can be Rachel de Thame..



Can I be Bob Flowerdew - I sometimes wear a plait !!


...of course you can chicky... as long as you don't pee over your plants... we can't be having that on the forum..


love that Cecile Brunner rose up there... fabulous... as are all the others...


Add Christopher Lloyd to those , Salino, and I'll be him!  Ha ha. Chicky.

Salino may... he's greatly missed...


I would be happy to look like Rachel de Thame!