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Lavender Lady



Here are a few from my garden.  Here in Suffolk we must be a little later with plants coming out cos I do not have any alliums out yet (all in bud) no roses or clematis although they are all bursting they just need a few days of sun (don't we all)  Anyway here are a few of my garden

Thought I'd include a pic of my gargoyle who keeps an eye over my garden. xx





Oh LL beautiful. The 3rd one is fantastic.


Really lovely, Lavender Lady.  Your gargoyle looks friendly.


Loving the gargoyle LLady!

But love that last pic 

I would love to look like Rachel de Thame...but sadly....I'd need to grow 6inches and have a body transplant 

She doesn't have wings though........


Lavender Lady

Thanks Marion and Fairygirl.  There are some beautiful pics on here, such pretty gardens.

Yes I too would love to look like Rachel de Thame. I was amazed to find out that she is 49, she looks at least 10 years younger. 


Some of you may know that on June 1st next year i will have been looking after my present garden for 50 years and plan a Golden Jubilee Garden.  I have been tryingout plantings for it this year and here is a close-up of rhododendron "Klondyke AK" and late golden dwarf tulips and Welsh poppies which i hopw will spread into my prairie planting.  I may help by scattering some seed in September.


My laburnums are gloriously golden



and give a good show every year.

The potty gardener

Lavender Lady what beautiful pics. I especially like the last one.

Marion you have so many golden plants it is going to look wonderfulnext year.


Thank you, Bev.  I am saving my garden vouchers i win for my gardening journalism ventures to buy lots of "Golden daffodils",  Did you see my letter and picture in June's "GW"mag. that earned me £25?  Those vouchers buy me lots of lovely compost as well.


Haven't read much of the mag yet  Marion but I will make a point of doing so tonight! Worth doing the letters if you get a bit back isn't it! You'll get a fair few daffs with that 

Are you sure she's 49??? Makes me feel even worse then....  

And me only 27 as well 


My friend has just emailed mr pics of his ivory flowers.  The foxgloves are flowering Bristol and this is a lovely camassia.





LavenderLady - your garden is so pretty - and love the pink wisteria.

Marion - next year will be a treat.  Saw your letter in GW mag - love seeing my friends with their names in print!

And since we are sharing gargoyles - this one was a gift from OH - claimed he saw it, and thought of me .... ah!, what a softie



LL - had a closer look - more lilac than pink - but love it just the same


...I wish I had a Gargoyle.... that last one looks like someone I know....[no, not me!]

those Camassia's are nice too... I like the blue ones best though...


Lavender Lady

Yes Chicky the wisteria is called Lavender Lace it is a soft lilac with white and very scented.  I love your Gargoyle

Oh Marion I will have a look for your letter in GW June issue .  Your pics are so lovely. 


Any more gargoyles anyone?? Loving them 



I have been taking Libertias again. My devoted Cistus haven't opened up to me yet.


Thanks for sharing photos Chicky, happy Marion, Busy-Lizzie, Bob TheGardener, Lavender lady and Marinelilium!

Inspiring stuff for us sun-starved folk!

I'm trying to keep up with this thread and enjoying it immensely.

I laughed at BBen's comment and want to see plenty more gargoyles if anyone has them. thats something I would love to invest in, although I'd rather sculpt my own, it's just difficult getting hold of blocks of stone or wood.

Also a big welcome to Herby Lou, happy marion's advise is spot on


Bob t gard, thank you, I have been looking for that acid green Heuchera, now I know the name