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A whole week of warm weather ahead.  My garden is already bursting with the late spring plants and now the summer ones!




 Did you spot the Key Lime Pie heuchera in the pot, Artjak?


I've got a couple of these lime marmalade heucheras,

They have grown really well in a shady spot, they are very bright, although they do have a look reminicent of a bright lime green lettuce

I went abit OTT with the heuchera in my new garden last year, must have bought a dozen different types, from lime, to bronze, red, purple etc, they are a great started plant as they grow fast and add instant colour, i really love em. I bought 2 more last week.. damn wish they didn't keep bringing out new ones! My gardens gone from a field when we moved in to something resembling a garden in 18 months hehe.


Let's see the pics then Andy


My Scottish heritage gets great delight from heucheras.  They give you colour in the garden all the year round and lovely flowers in the summer plus they are so easy to increase.  my lime green one became four fine plants in less than a year.


actually i was looking around this weekend and it's getting to the point where i'm not too embarased to show pics hehe will get some done this week in the sun


Put it this way this was the garden when we moved in, to say it had a lack of plants is something of an understatement! Unless you count, creeping buttercup as a plant that is.






But what potential Andy.. lovely buildings


This pink rose smells wonderfull, but I've forgotton it's name, planted it about 21 years ago.

This yellow day lily is perfumed too. My son gave me the cornflower for Mother's Day when he was about 10 or 11 and he's now nearly 30!

 Oriental poppies are coming out. Looking more summery.



The potty gardener

Marion more wonderful pics of youre garden.

Andy as Nutcutlet said you can do just what you want with such a blank garden. It will be great to see some pics of it now.

Wow Lizzie what a rose.

hollie hock

Beautiful pictures Marion, really like the second one, the red is stunning

Looks a lovely spot Andy, be good to see what you've done with the blank canvas.

The day lilies look beautiful and bright  Busy Lizzie, just accquired the plant, looking forward to seeing what colour it's going to be.


Yes, gorgeous photos from everyone and amazing potential from Andy, can't wait to see what he's done so far!


Andy- how did you take the pic?

Have you got wings like me?

Hi All,

Im new around here, loving the pics, i will post some when i go back home this weekend for your judgement on my newbie garden and veg plot.


It's not really's collective appreciation



And pinching ideas - at least that's what I do.  I cannot believe the increase in tempo now the temperature has gone up.  Photos and stories galore.  just shows what a bit of fresh air can do!  The aerial photograph is great.  There is a good video of my front garden on Google Earth!  They just happened to be passing with the camera rhe year I won a Silver in Bristol in bloom for my front garden1


Hello Singy, welcome.

 I just love these alliums


HappyM, yes, wonderful Heuchera, must get one, Andy the Scientist; I think I could easily became rather obsessed with Heucheras


Alliums are so lovely, bright jewels in the border.