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Hehe it's a shot from google maps

Here goes.. work very much in progress, and in newcastle we're a bit behind still got apple blossem hehe. 

 This is the view down the garden, it's a fair slope, and very exposed on the top of the valley.

 I've dug out beds inbetween the buttresses as the back of the house, this is a north west wall, so pretty shady, until about 4/5pm that is, you can see the famous lime heuchera under the bleeding hearts. It's fairly damp so also have geraniums and astilbes in there.

 My pride and joy hehe


Small veg/herb plot, would like another couple of beds.. next job..

 This is the south end of the garden so full sun all day, i've gone for a hot border, so have icelandic poppies, sunflowers, crocosmia, knopifia, to name but a few. As well as some winter colour with a couple of dogwoods, that can cope with the exposed nature until stuff gets established, such as my full length cotoniester hedge to the left side. 

Generally i'm going for true cottage garden, i have flowers mixed in with fruit like blueberries, gooseberries, raspberries, etc. I've planted various fruit trees, cherries, plums, pears and apples. And i'm trying to establish some nice climbers for the pergoda. 

Oh and i applogise for the grass.. the lawnmower conked out half way through doing it yesterday!


Artjack & Andy, whatever you do, don't look at the heuchera selection at unless you want to make yourself very poor very quickly!


I like that garden very much, the outlook is obviously outstanding... the house too looks... rustic and interesting.... I wonder what those buttresses are for....?

the obelisk is quite artistic...and your greenhouse would suit me..just fine...  it's a beauty..!


Andy, it's going to be wonderful. What fabulous views. And you have an arbour, there is another thread about arbours, posted mine.


And, Andy, your photos enlarge beautifully when I clicked on them!



Fabulous place Andy,


Terrific Andy! Lovely greenhouse as Salino says. That north west wall ....crying out for Hydrangea petiolaris....

I expect you'll need a fair bit of windbreak too - the dogwoods are pretty good for that!  


Thanks for the kind words, yeah the wind is the one downside, but to get those views you have to be at the top of the hill! 

Hopefully once the hedges get established it'll help a bit, we did get a bit of a hammering this winter with the easterly winds, normally they are westerly here. Even a couple of pyracatha got badly scorched, but at least they are coming back. 

I use the obelisk for peas and sweet peas mixed together in the veg plot. Looked really nice last year, but the peas are just 6 inches tall still at the moment, only planted them out from the cold frames last week. 

It's my first garden, we moved here from a flat in the city centre so i've loved my first year here, despite the bad weather, i had a good crop of carrots, parsnips, salads and plenty of mint for mohitos in the arbor

I'm lucky to have a great garden centre nearby which i think always helps alot, good quality plants and good advice all the way.


It's a great project Andy and I wish you the health - and wealth - (!) to enjoy it 


GF - your garden is lovely.  Art - love that Allium pic. Andy -great before and after shots - really making a difference there. 

Loving this thread


Ooops - GF pics were on another thread (its too early for my brain - best go dunk it in a shower)....


Oh, Andy, how exciting and what great joy is ahead of you.  All that grass could go and then you would not have to worry about any old lawnmower.  The view is superb.  You have room for prairie planting, a wildlife pond and bog plants, tough trees like holly and ivy to help the holly blue butterfly.  You could be self sufficient in fruit and veg. very soon.  And just think of the lovely loam those stacks of turf would make as you stack them up.  This threat is getting more and more exciting.  I do am thrilled the picture glitch has been sorted.

Lavender Lady

Love the garden Andy, you have so much scope there to do what you want.  I think a wildlife pond is a great idea Marion and the holly and ivy. 




 This is my first flower on my Pinus Mungo Mops



Clematis has opened- hurray - it's a bit lighter than I would like, but it's free! Looks a little bluer in this pic than it really is:



very nice Fairygirl, do they flower in the first year?  i bought a couple to put in the trellis box i made.

Same as you FG my Dr Rupple clematis first flower opened yesterday.

 Here's 2 of the pots i bought at the show on Sunday 

Greenhouse full of plants all going away this weekend.

Sign girls at work bought me for my garden.




Andy the S, DON'T look at the Heuchera site! Bob the G, smack yourself on the wrist please; I've just bought 3 heucheras



Singy- i only moved in here 3 months ago and discovered this clematis languishing at the foot of a fence in grass and sitting in a hole full of water. I was hoping it was a montana but as time went on I realised it wasn't. Think it was possibly planted last year and still had the little 'plug' it had been grown in- would never have survived where it was.  If you even have a small plant - ie a previous year's cutting - pot it on and let it grow a bit and with a bit of luck you'll get a flower this year. Assuming it's a summer/autumn flowering variety of course!

Andy- Garden's looking good! I got 2 clematis  in the bargain corner of GC at weekend - they had  a Dr. Ruppel as well so nearly bought 3! got Etoile Violette and Daniel Deronda. Planted Mr. Deronda last night and he looks very happy- as am I.  

The potty gardener

Wintersong I love your garden more each time I see new pics.

Andy love the pots, that's a lot in the greenhouse. My Dr Rupple doesn't seem any where near flowering.

Lovely clematis Fairygirl. Only the clematis planted at the front of the house is flowering and it is impeded by a winter jasmin which has outgrown the trelis and is folding down..