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Must say everyone the photo's are great from all your garden's which shows the amount of time,effort and money that everyone puts into there garden well done keep the photo's coming love looking at them. 


Gorgeous clematis from FG, Andy19 and Bev

I have a Dr Ruppel that I need to move...and thanks for your kind words Bev but my garden is still very immature except the very top part. I just take a canny photo and edit out all the ugly bits


After seeing LeadFarmer's photo of Dr. Ruppel flowering last year, I wanted one badly and couldn't find one anywhere, not even when I went to England in April. Then local French supermarket had one in large pot in tight bud. Bought it, it was 2 inside the pot and I was pleased. But when flowers came out they were very pale and I think they are Nelly Moser, which I have already


Aaaaw, that's a great shame BL

P.S I'd actually send you mine if I could. I'm not a huge lover of the brightly coloured clematis. When I got the Dr R it was in a deal, buy arch and get two celmatis free.

Mrs Bateman was first choice...but then OH wanted variety and that was really all they had left.

I lost a The President a few years back, I have an unflowering mystery one that's been nursed back to health, the usual jackmanii and Armandii versions and a beautiful nodding Alpina I bought last year. The star of my Clematis show is Josephine that survived a move earlier this year and a Pope John Paul II that's recovering from an accident that ruined last year's growth.

So, plenty room for more Clematis, I'm just a bit fussy as to colours.


Wow - what fab pictures, both photo's and art work. Well done all you forkers.  Gardens are all looking great, by heck there's some talent here.  I'm in Nth Glos and my apple tree has only just stopped flowering, roses are just coming out and clematis (not too good in my garden) are only just showing signs of life.  Its a bit of a frost pocket, so its been colder and more behind than any of your pics.  Geraniums are OK though but wont get the chelsea chop this year as it will be too late. Viburnums and aqualegias looking good too.  Will post some pics when I find them on this ' pooter.



Bev, what is that pink and white clematis? It's beautiful, want one!

The potty gardener

Thank you Lizzie. It was here when I moved  but next t it is label which says Asao. It also says prune code 2- I always chop it right back in the spring


Wintersong; your garden always looks so elegant, love the photos you show


Lovely pic Bev.

Someone put a pic of Elsa Spath on- I've just looked at it. Sorry I've forgotten who and which thread  It's lovely too with a slight stripe.Had one in a previous garden.

Wintersong- your editing must be very expert then!  Do you like the really dark clems? I love the really dark purply reds and the whites- no grey (or pastel!) areas in my life  No idea what the one I put on here is- was already here. It's quite a cool purple- more lavender. Niobe is one I want to get - never got round to it before. Rouge Cardinal is  another favourite and I will get Romantika as I had it before and didn't take it when I moved- silly me.


People have different tastes. I had a super bright pink cistus growing in my middle garden that was a rescue job gone nuts. It suited the aspect, I enjoyed its habit and foilage very much, it was even serving as winter protection for a less hardy canyon sage but it was just an awful shade of pink flower.

What made things worse was a nearby orange-red rose that was just too orange against hot pink, so it had to go and you know what..the rose died afterwards

So it could have stayed after all.


I really don't mind pink in the garden, just so long as it doen't get too hot.

Now..Clematis...I'm still learning which ones I like best. I really like the sieboldii and the Alpinas are delightful, but I will have to do my research better.

From your choices, I'd partial to Romantika but not so much the Rouge Cardinal


All different as you say Wintersong. I love hot pinks but not pale ones! I have some Dianthus in a pot which are about to flower and they're real 'in your face' cerise!

I once painted my bathroom hot pink and had orange towels etc....I'd seen an article by an interior designer and she'd upholstered an old chair that colour and put it with orange. Warmed the cold bathroom up.....but I did re paint it cream before I sold the house!


Each to their own, I like pastel colours, but with some hot ones sprinkled in like adding a touch of pepper. I like beige limestoney sort of bathrooms!

The potty gardener

I love bright colours like you Fairygirl. I got some hot pink Dianthus reduced from £3.99 to £1 the other day in cut price part of GC- sure they must be like yours about to flower



I think this colour thing deserves a thread of its' own

As promised, couple of pics taken on my phone, not great quality especially taken at night.

 This is part of the window planter i made

 again not very clear, this is the raised bed which has exploded into action excluding the gap which is a failed crop of garlic, ive also planted things way to close (at the far end) as my dad keeps pointing out to me!



Singy, I plant garlic in the autumn, perhaps that could work for you; love the flower pic at night.


 Top; flax, my camera doesn't do blue very well, but it is very intense. A clematis whose name I don't know, probably bought cheap at Wilkinson's or similar.

artjak, I didmt make the raisedbed until April so couldnt plant until then, i started some inside last week which are going out instead, might be too late but ill give it a try.

A few more pics.

this was the garden in autumn last year when i bought the house.

this is it now from a similar viewpoint 

 raised bed and window planter


Oh and cant leave out the spuds, these seem to have grown overnight.



Great space! The borrowed scenery doesn't look too bad either.


wow.. took some reading but glad it did.. super super pictures everyone..

wintersong.. your arty ones are gorgeous..  really love pictures of plants that are close up and personal.. and please do let us see yr paintings.. i have not painted for years.. used to do cartoons for the mags and papers.. but not for a long time now.

the warm weather is really bringing everything to life in the garden now.. everything starting to catch up.. thou i have not had many bees this year at all.. little concerned is it because everthing is running late?

i will endeavour to take soem more pics today and get them added soon. but keep adding love them