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John Harding

I recently bought 'The Pigrim' rose. It was in an 8" pot with plenty of compost. When I tapped it out of the pot to plant it at the base of my Pergola all the compost fell off & I had a bare root plant that could only have been potted up a couple of days.(I wasn't best pleased).  Nevertheless I planted it in some John Innes No 3 with some Fish Blood & Bone, having dipped the root in some rootgrow (Mycorrhizal Fungi) + a little in the hole and hoped it would survive. It's been in now for about a month and it has taken off so I'm really looking forward to when it flowers. John H


It is scented, but it's light and delicate.

John Harding

I'm looking forward to it even more now! Only saw a picture of it at the GC but liked what I saw. I previously had a 'Leaping Salmon' rose on the opposite corner of the Pergola, it grew well but the flowers were always scrappy, petals going brown before the flowers had fully opened so I've disposed of it, planted a Wisteria in its place and the Pilgrim at the other end.


I've only just started growing roses.I need a few more yet. I've grown Rosa rugosa from seed this year and they're really growing away. I think theyll do well on the poorer soil.


What a beautiful rose that is John and I understand your frustrations with discovering bare roots in a pot-plant. I had a similar experience when I bought my white rose, that fell out of its much larger pot with the tiniest root system I have ever seen. I gave it two seasons worth of TLC in the pot before it went in the ground.

I have to admit that buying plants from my local DIY centre is not really the best choice or standard of plant. Sadly, nurseries (which I can't get to or even the regular and more expensive GC (which I rarely get to ) still produce a much higher quality plant in its correctly sized pot and raring to grow.



Wintersong, i find it is best to buy online and have my plants delivered as i have no transport and the only other alternative is buying on coach trips and risking having the plants put in the hold.  But i do buy from specialists and the biggest plant i cam afford if it is not something i can grow from seed like a special rose.  Cuttings are easy if you have a willing donor.

I have been feeling guilty about not taking time to enlarge on irises so TY Fairygirl.  There are so many species of iris that there are whole books devoted to them, some beautifully illustrated, available at the library.  My year starts with the bulbous ones which are very small with large heads -- Iris reticulata varieties mostly, Iris unguiculatis is a little igger and flowers in Bristol from months on end from November onwards, right through winter and spring.  You probably know our native yellow Iris pseudocorus which resides in bogs and ponds all over the country and therelots of other species that like boggy conditions.  The bearded irises love to bake in the sun and there are whole nurseries devoted to growing those in their many varieties.  I saw a lovely Iris japonica in the Bristol botanic garden yesterday which has smaller flowers than the normal big ones. It is white so the sun being out the pic is not so good, but worth seening the difference.  its strappy leaves are taller than the flower stems, a bit like Iris unguiculatis.


John Harding

Hi all,

I bought this Clematis as a Vyvyan Pennell but whatever it is it sure isn't that! Can anyone ID it? Thought maybe happymarion might know at Bristol Botanics???

 Possibly Lincoln Star?

 John H


JH, gtreat photos


Ahh, John.  We do not have many varieties of clematis at the Botanic garden as we have four specific lines of botanical education illustrated there - native and rare local plants, Plants that grow in Mediterranean type climates, useful plants and the evolution of plants.  The garden is unique in that being the youngest University Botanic garden (built in 2005 from the plants in the old Brackenhill site) it was designed as a beautiful garden and as an amenity for the people of Bristol.  It does have beautiful "Rooms" like the Pollination garden and the Bog Garden and lake but the clematis you would find would be climbing over the verandah in the Chinese Herbal garden (White flowered Clematis chinensis) or climbing the house walls.  Try googling a specialist clematis grower and put the colour of your plant in the search engine.


...have a look at Clematis 'Carnaby' and see if it's that one...


here few more i took today.






 glorious colours.

we hve had bad day today.. had thunderstorms and torrential rain since 3am this morning.. thou water butts needed it as they were emptied last night..


GardeningF, fab photos


I love the yellow aquilegia, gardeningfantic

John Harding, the pink clematis looks very much like Dr Ruppel, google it.



Been catching up on all the pics I've missed since Tuesday (work, work, work) and what a treat.  A big thank you to every single person that posted their pics, I have really enjoyed them, so beautiful.  Keep it up!  I haven't got anything to post as I've been at work for the last three days (well two days and a night) and not really done anything today since I got up, apart from planting a pot of geraniums, and doing another pot for my mum, as well as a pot of verbena, it was a little suprise, she was chuffed.


I'd agree with rusflorum John- looks very like Dr. Ruppel 


Like Daisy - I've been catching up on a week's worth of photos too - enjoyed every minute of it - thank you all for posting.

Am now inspired to get out there and create something similar.

And how I love the clematis !!


thanks everyone.. the sunshine really has made adifference this last week. everything is popping up and starting to shine.

@fidget bones.. yes is is really bright and rathe large flowers and stands 5ft tall everytime it comes up.. has super long lines at the back of the head also.. when i split them would you like one..


i love cleamtis.. but thye just do not like where i live... on top of the cliff with strong salt and sandy winds continuously.. i had many of them at my old house and brought some over with me when i moved.. 3 died and the rest i gave to my mum to save them going the same way..

she has her whole fence covered in them absolutely glorious site.. and they all flower at different times and look like they are moving down the fence.. if ya get me.. as they go.