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Morning everyone it's been a some time since my last pot (been on holiday,

But I'm back how ever I'm still plagued with a bad back it's really stopped me in my tracks.


any way back to this post now I under stand that Tomatoes are re-potted to a depth of the first pair of leaves and I'm sure sun flowers are the same is this correct and is this the same for all seedlings ??


Jim Macd

It doesn't matter. There's a lot of rules that make little difference and are followed as if the world will end if you don't but don't worry.


Hello Clueless. I don't know anything about sunflowers but if you have put your back out I can really recommend that you try Iyengar yoga. No, don't laugh. My husband is the last person on earth to try anything resembling spiritual matters etc but he suffered with back problems for years. Tried osteopaths, massage, pills, bed rest, the lot. Sometimes he was in tears with the pain. Finally his doctor suggested Iyengar yoga. He went to classes but you can follow instructions in a book. It's all about stretching and relaxing. He did the exercises regularly (every day) for about six months and was fixed. Now, if he feels a twinge, he does them again for a few days and has no more pain. 

I have had back problems too. It takes one to know one, as they say. You have my sincere sympathy. I hope you feel better soon.

My first batch are already flourishing in the ground, there about a foot hight and I will be planting more out soon (I sow half a dozen every 10 days ish) so I can 'stagger' the flowering so I have them all summer long.
What about frost? I hear you say. Well I don't care I always have more about to go out so it's worth the risk.

I too have mine out in the ground now,I sowed them indoors way back in February and the tallest is already nearly 2ft.If you harden them off during the day for about a week or so they should be fine.

As for the re-potting,Jim is right its not all that important as long as the seedlings have a pair of 'true' leaves.

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