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Each year me and my little boy plant giant sunflower seeds and compete to see who can grow the tallest (he always wins!).

This year I'd also like to plant a couple of alternate varieties as well, perhaps something a different colour. Can anyone recommend any varieties that have grown well for them please?


Valentine is lovely Leadfarmer

Last year I


grew some sunflowers saved from a lovely rogue one that grew in amongst my Valentines.If you would like some of my saved seed please let me know

Pam LL x

This is Valentine



Well thats a very kind offer lilylouise, and is very much appreciated .

And Valentine does look a lovely colour doesnt it. I shall message you my address.

Thank you.

You are very welcome
Pam LL x

I bought a pack called Vincent's Mixture, which had lots of surprises as well as some conventional coloured ones. Here are two :





Vincents Mixture look good, thanks.


Grown Little leo many times - very nice small compact plants with many flower heads per bush. Ideal for cutting for indoor flower displays if one wishes to do that. 


lilylouise, I received your parcel today and Ive sent you a private message. Many thanks

I quite like velvet queen.

Hi there LeadFarmer, is it possible to try some of your sunflower seeds, they look fabulous. thans. Sue


Susan, its lilylouise that has the seeds.

Susan -I have sent you a message
Pam LL x

 Black Magic every time for me,  I'm growing them again this year grow about 3 feet

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