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Hi, I brought a Sufinia violet in colour plant today and i would like to grow another one. I cant find how to do it anywhere on the internet.Does anyone know what I do. Do I collect the seeds when the plant is coming to an end or take cuttings? how do i do this and when is best to do it? thank you

Do not bother collecting the seeds- they will either be sterile or not true

Cuttings is the only sure-fire way-but you need to over-winter them

Leave it till the autumn before the frosts come back


The reasons theres no guides is they patiented and your not allowed to propagate them but the sufinia you buy is propagated by cuttings the seeds dont come true.


You can propagate for your own use.You are not allowed to sell them.

Oh didnt know this. I got it from a fair, paid £1 for it. Just had a label that said sufinia. Looks so nice i want to  grow another one. Thank you for all your answers


I disagree, i have harvested surfinia seeds year in year out and propagate them indoors before spring, and plant them out in June, and get a wonderfull dispay each year,

I get 1000's of seeds from each plant and i end up with so many i give many of them away to friends and family.

My advice would be to give it ago, you may well just be pleasantly suprised!

Well, I would have said cuttings.  And do them now.  They will be big enough to hold over winter then.  Seed will,produce variable colours and sizes John, won't they?  But, as ??ou say give it a go.

I cut my surfinias hard back in mid summer..this re-energises them amd keeps them going until the autumn. This is when I take my cuttings


You may disagree John and you may have got some lovely plants but they're not 'Surfinia' unless they've been grown as cuttings from 'Surfinia'.

If it seeds at all it doesn't seed totally true. As time goes on you'll get more seeds and further away from 'Surfinia'. But while you've got nice plants, maybe nicer than surfinia, I wouldn't worry about it.


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