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After 17 days of germinated no sweet peas were showing. So I decided to have a furtle and see what was to be had. Nothing is the answer!!! I went through the compost with a fine tooth comb (not literally!) and couldn't even find the seed. It was seed my mum had lurking in her seed box so no idea how old it was. Question for me now is do I buy more sweet peas or does anyone know of a sturdy climber that won't take up much root space and is an annual!
Hmmm, getting on a bit now for a resowing, you could probably pick up some seedlings quite cheaply from a nursery/ market/ car boot sale.

Nothing else gives you scent like sweet peas. You could buy some already germinated babies.

Or morning glory is pretty, in the morning. And canary creeper and climbing (trailing) nasturtiums

hollie hock

I do like sweetpeas, I'd be tempted to have another go now that it's warmer and get some already grown in. Just sowed climbing nasturtians today, really easy to grow and I love the seeds

B & Q ...amongst others....sell sweet pea plants fairly cheaply. That's what I would do. Sounds like seed rotted


Have seen the gardeners works offer for free sweetpeas just pay postage! But think I only need a few for one of my arches!

B&Q have sweet pea for sale - my local  store had them reduced on the bargain trolley today with lots of other plants - they were healthy looking. If u have a B&Q locally it would be worth a visit - Good Luck!


Oh Dove what a shame. As others have suggested there will be plant sto be had at GCs etc but you can still buy a packet of seed and sow them It just means they'll flower a bit later. 


Sorry REDD I wrote Dove by mistake 

I know's already on...

Thanks all. Anyone know how to germinate sweetpeas so you can see the seed to see what's going on?? Wondering if my mums seed is all duff or if I did it wrong!!
The rats probably ate your sweetpeas
It was me....was hungry

Buy new seed, could try soaking existing seed overnight & re-sow.

If you only need a few, I'd go with a quick trip to B&Q.


i had the same problem earlier this year and so second time around i slit the seeds ever so slightly and have 2 germinating after only about 4-5 days


I sowed mine (Cupani) on Sunday - they're in root trainers in the mini-greenhouse at the moment - fingers crossed 

I had meant to sow them last autumn, but what with Aged Ps' shenanigans ....


Some folk recommend testing viability of seed by sowing onto damp kitchen roll, and keeping same warm and moist. You can then see if there's any sign of germination, and, if you're very careful, the germinated seeds can then be transplanted into modules or whatever. It'd probably only work with large seeds though, like sweet peas etc.

I use this method to start off sweetcorn.

Cupani is one of my favourites Dove and I sowed mine end of March on kitchen window sill with radiator below and plastic  cover. They were through in a week. Did some others 2 weeks later or so and tthey're mostly through. Think a bit of heat helps to get them going but they should be fine outside now especially with a bit of protection. I used to score them or soak them prior to sowing  but after the piece on G's W last year I didn't bother this time and it made no difference to germination rate. I put mine outside for a short while in the sun yesterday.

Verdun-didn't Dove's cake fill you up enough...

She's sending it to,me in the post. Can't wait
I only want about 12 so think I will have to opt to buy. Was hoping to not have to buy any bedding or annuals but looks like I will have to make a trip.

I must not must not must not must not must not buy anything else!!!


No chance.....!