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does anybody know the best wat of propagating sweet chestnut trees? Have tried growing from chestnuts last year without much luck although I have grown conker trees this way, should I persevere or is it possible to take cuttings?


We've got them popping up all over the place at work - from chestnuts planted by squirrels and jays - they just bury them in the lawn, flower beds, pots of bulbs etc and forget where they put them - by late spring we're having to mow them out of the lawn, dig them out of the flower beds and empty out the pots of bulbs to get rid of them - make sure you get fresh chestnuts freshly fallen from the tree and plant the biggest of the two or three kernels you'll find in the spiney cases.

 In our experience nothing will stop them growing!    

That's encouraging, I will give them another try. Thanks


Plant them fresh in the autumn and wait until late spring - I'm sure they'll be popping up for you.

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