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What varieties are you growing this year? Last year I only had 'Dorothy Eckford' a pure white and I loved it, I do prefer a single colour.

This year I'm not growing any annual but instead have planted the perennial everlasting pea, one called 'Pink Pearl' [also known as 'Rose Perle']. Has anyone got this? I am finding the slugs tucking into it already but I have to hope it will grow away better when warmer drier weather comes back again. I hope so and that it is truly perennial.

Be interested to hear anyone's opinions on this one, or any other....?

hollie hock


I'm been growing loads of sweet peas including a mixed everlasting type.I This is going to form part of  a screen so I want it to come back every year but then plant some annual types alongside it  for colour & scent.

I've grown all of mine in a cold frame & so far the ones that have been planted out have remained slug free

Alina W

I sorted out my sweet peas and planted all my "far too old to germinate" packs to see what would happen. About 40 seeds germinated - I look forward to seeing what I've got in a couple of months' time


I'm growing the same as last year, plus a mixed packet of the ones they gave away with GW mag last month.  The usual suspects (who are all out in the garden doing their stuff) are Painted Lady, Gwendoline and Our Harry.  They were all sown last autumn.  The free GW seeds have not come up yet.  I love sweet peas.

All mine have been planted out now, Autumn sown Memories Firecrest and some saved ones, no particular name. My Cupani sown back in Feb. are planted out too and doing well, they should provide some later flowers. I have some at the allotment, some in a big pot and some at the back of the borders.



I am trying some dwarf ones this year. I wanted to see if they would work in pots in the front of the house. 

I have Royal Family for the back garden.

Is it too late to plant seeds in the greenhouse have been away and am wondering if they will thrive now?

hollie hock

I don't think it's too late to sow them, might get around to sowing some more myself


You can sow them outside direct where they're going to grow now 


Doing some soon myself 

Thanks everyone foy your advice, will crack on.

I grew the perenial White Pearl last year and they were scentless and were a once bloomer. I much prefer the anuals as they are so easy to grow and smells divine.


I am on my second attempt at sowing the perenial seeds, no luck with either, when did you all sow your seeds?.

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