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Ive just got Help For Heroes sweet pea, am i too late to plant them in pots to bring them on or should i plant the seed straight into the ground.


Still plenty time to start in pots, if thats what you wish to do.

Alina W

Probably best in pots as they'll germinate faster than outdoors.


Yeah I would probably get them started in pots, especially with the weather we are having at least you get a little bit of a head start. <span id="sample-permalink"> if you need any help on how to sow them. <span>


Stand "toilet roll tubes" into a 6 portion modular tray,,gives roots a great start as they like the depth, then plant the whole tube when ready,,Tube should dis-integrate with time also the cardboard helps to retain moisture 



I grow them in toilet roll tubes too.

Thanks for ur advice didnt have enough tubes so they r in 4" pots happy gardening

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