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Hi all- this is the first year I have grown sweet peas from seed and so far quite good results. I planted them in biodegrade able 2 inch pots about 2 weeks ago and after sprouting they've been outside in day and in a plastic greenhouse at night. They're now a couple of inches high with a few leaves each, but don't seem to be growing very much now. I'm wondering if they need potting on or if I could plant out now in these pots?
Still a bit too cold to plant out in garden, soil needs to be around 4 to 5 degrees, meanwhile they are best left cosy in the pots for another week or so at least
Thank you Freelance. They do look nice and healthy ,but I was wondering if the pots were too short for the roots after looking at a few videos, but will leave them alone now

I have gone ahead and planted mine out because they arrived in tiny plug trays and I couldn't be faffed with potting them on after reading they are actually quite hardy. They've been out for a couple of weeks now and are doing fine.

There's a really great thread on here about growing sweet peas where I have had loads of good advice - search 'growing sweet peas' and I'm sure you will find it

Oh ok thank you will look at that



Dont forget to pinch the tops out.

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