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I sowed my sweet pea seeds directly into the ground in early March.  Due to the very warm we have just enjoyed they are now growing really well and are about and inch and a half through the soil, although not quite reaching the bottom of the oberlisks.  Will the turn in the weather to possible frost and snow this week kill the seedlings?  Should I cover the oberlisks with garden fleece?



Putting fleece over your seedlings is one option but be carefull not to snap the shoots! I have been maddly running around collecting 2L coke bottles because of the snow predicted this weekend. If you cut one in half you then have two small greenhouses perfect to place over your peas or other vunerable veg. It will protect it much better from the snow than the fleece will. Hope that helped. (Picture of what i was describing below)


Hi Tom

Thanks for your advice - I have just bought some garden fleece so will be putting that over my little ones tonight.


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