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I've grown sweet peas for a number of years. This year the stems were very long initially but have got shorter each picking so now they will fit into an egg cup.

I planted them in well manured slightly alkaline soil mixed with multipurpose compost in a sunny position in the garden.

I can't remember such consistently short stems. Is it the variety?

Any solutions?


Mine do the same. They did it last year with lots of water, and this year with less. I give them a feed, dead head everything, and they picked up.


Mine are doing the same Sheila, nice long stems for a few weeks, picked loads of them and the stems on new flowers are growing shorter than the initial ones.  Not sure why.


Same here.  Would really like to know why!

John mcleod

I am also having the exact same problem! Not a great year for my sweet peas compared to last year 

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