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my friend gave me 3 potted sweet williams last month she'd raised from seed, they have no buds, donn't know when she planted them,when should i expect flowers and what shall i do with the plants? don't even know if they're perennial, i seem to be losing knowlege not gaining it, shpild i leave them in pots til next spring? gh? plant out?


They're short-lived perennials - I'd plant them out now and look forward to some beautiful scented flowers next June - well-drained loam in sun or partial shade.  They will self-seed if you don't dead-head them but they're not invasive. 

thanks dove that's brilliant, they'll go uin front jungle when overhaul begins

Last for ever in a vase , make sure you mark where they are, i "lost" mine til they flowered! Memory like a sieve

mine too bekkie, i want to try to take some more photos, so i know what's where next year, if ih puts them on computer i can pot, just so useless i can't transfer from camera myself!!


Well, we cant be good at everything! I dont do tech either

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