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I planted Everlasting Sweetpeas early March which are still sitting on my indoor windowsill. They are doing well and are about 6/8" tall but spindley. Should I pinch the tops and if so how? They each have around 5 lots of 2 leaves. Any help gladly appreciated!

To pair buds to at least half that height. Finger n thumb or sharp scissors

Ok Verdun, here goes, never done this before and it feels sooo wrong! Will this make them bush out?

It'll be fine, don't worry! And yes, they should bush out a little after their trim, especially now the warmer weather SEEMS to be finally upon us.  I have literally just planted seeds of peas, french beans and sweet peas; having moved house over Easter I was a little scared of tiny seedlings getting lost in transit.  Fingers crossed for yours x

Georgie5 has said it all. Your sweet peas will be fine, bushy and flo..flori...folariforous.......full of flower in the summer


I wonder if someone could help me, I sowed my Everlasting sweetpeas 2 years ago and they only flowered in the second year, what did I do wrong?

Are they still to be seen? Were they maybe a little too cold n wet? Did snails visit them?

The main thing to consider with sweet peas is that they are cool-season annuals.

Sorry I did not explain myself clearly, they grew quite happily but never flowered until the second year. I seem to have this problem quite a lot and wondered if it was common enough for someone to have a list. Sadly cold and wet summers I cannot control even in sunny Cornwall.

Stephen I hope that these are perennials

Well they're all done and sitting pretty, after their trim on the windowsill. When's the best time to put them in the ground. I live in Mid Wales if that helps?

Hello Loz
Wait just few more days for bit of growth then plant out
Yes I assumed you had perennial sweet peas. They should flower every year

Thank you Verdun, have you ever found an everlasting with a fragrance?

Loz I would not plant out untill they are strong enough to cope with blackbirds digging up my garden and my plants, good luck.

The potty gardener

Chris, I'm no expert but from everything I've read the perennial sweet peas do not have a fragrance. You could mix a few annuals in so you do get that wonderful smell.

Where is David K? He is the sweet pea expert

Bev thanks for the advice, just hoping.

Morning all! I am taking your advice and cutting my sweetpeas back to about the fourth pair of leaves today as they are looking a little straggly. Would you wait till new, bushy growth is seen before planting out or will they be ok if I get on and plant them out today straight after pinching out?




Hey all, my sweet peas are coming along nicely. I had more seedlings thababy boo canes so I gave a few to the feller next door. But should I have one plant per cane? Would hate to grow too close together and have them come down with mildew.


Whoops! Bamboo canes not baby boo canes ????

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