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I wouldn't worry about that, there are few, if any, gardeners who enjoy throwing plants away just because they have too many. More likely is they pass 'extras' on to family and friends or swap plants.

I've dug up two new flower beds which used to be lawn so that I know I have enough space for new plants, I also do my in-laws garden so any that don't fit in here will be making the trip there.

I'm also thinking of digging up another patch for the 36 lavenders on offer next month.


Tim I am one of the people who has taken up this offer, there is no mention that it is limited. I am sure it is a good marketing ploy by the suppliers. 

Like many gardeners I always joke that my garden if full and that I will have to squeeze them in but I can assure you that all my spare plants are given away to friends, family or offered on freecycle.

I still argue that my hobby is more enviromentally friendly than my neighbours who travel around the country racing motor bikes, I assume that non of their fellow bikers discuss the damage they do to the environment.

Green Magpie

I agree, there's no indication that supplies are limited or that anyone will be disappointed.

A garden isn't ever complete and static, it goes on evolving and developing. Plants die for all sorts of reasons, or simply don't thrive in the places where they find themselves, so there's a constant need for replacement.And sometimes there are plants that just have to be got rid of, like the enormous conifer we've just had removed, thus opening up a new area for further planting.

Like other gardeners, I try not to waste anything, and often give away spare plants to friends and family.Last year I ordered the free petunias, and gave half of them to  friends who produced such lovely pots with them, they put mine to shame.

It's not in any way similar to acquiring unnecessary quantities of clothes, books or other consumer goods, because Nature, with our help, is capable of producing an endless supply of plants to enhance our gardens and our lives, without any finite resources being used up. And most people on this forum, I'm sure, will cherish and care for their new baby plants, not throw them away.


If you are not fast you are last but I do have space in my garden, just not the ideal space for them. Plants die, you get bored of them and you share them. Nothing greedy in that.

hollie hock

Hello Tim,

I'm another person who has ordered this fantastic offer. These are perennials, so a brilliant price, so why shouldn't anyone take advantage of this? I do have to agree with others, there is always room for different/new plants. I always give away any surplus,I can't find it in me to destroy a healthy plant. This extends to about 100 + seedlings of snapdragons that I grew earlier this year. All found a new home.

As others have said there is no limited supply advertised so why shouldn't anyone get them, regardless of how "full" there garden is. There is always space for new arrivals.

I have to agree with Kate1123 and Green Magpie, in respect that gardeners are probably the least selfish & the most environmental friendly people that you could meet


Has anyone received their plants yet? I'm wondering when they will arrive, even if they are shipped via Jersey....

Green Magpie

No sign of mine yet. I have just looked on their acknowledgement e-mail and they say "Dispatch Date by the end of May". So they shouldn't be long now.


It would be great to have a "Your plants have been dispatched" email, my current postman is a little erratic and I would like to know  when I should be expecting them.

Green Magpie

I agree, it would be very helpful, as you don't want to have them left on the doorstep or in the shed for too long, if you happen to be away for a day or two. If you knew they were on the way you could make sure someone was looking out for them.

No mine havent arrived yet eithet. That would be a great idea, so we could then sort out where they could be left if our. Such a pain having to go and collect from the post office after a long day at work.

I emailed T&M on Friday and got a response this afternoon, they said delivery of them was due in the next 7-14 days. So it's time to start making room for them!


hollie hock

Mine haven't arrived either, I too would like dispatched notification. The length of time from ordering (paying!) and to actually getting them,I think is very slow. I thought this with the snowdrops offer earlier this year. They are sent via Jersey, which is hardly environmental friendly

I know it's a good price, but  a £5 is still  £5 and I want my plants.

I bought a couple of packets of seed from Thompson & Morgan a while ago on their free postage offer, they took 2 weeks to arrive and in a huge jiffy envelope.

Anyway that's my moan over with, just think the T & M customer service and their delivery ( via Jersey) isn't that brilliant.

Looking forward to my plants



Hi I just received by plants today!  Hooray.  They are smaller plugs than I expected, ver tiny, but all ready to pot on for a bit of growth before setting in the garden.  Looking forward to seeing my garden take shape with lots of new flowers this year and next.

Green Magpie

Thanks for the update, Max. We may be away for a day or two so I will ask a neighbour to keep an eye out in case mine arrive in our absence.

I have received my plug plants on Friday. I have to say - I'm a bit dissapointed..

They were soooo small, they looked like planted in thimbles.

So I had to go and buy some smal flowerpots and compost for plug plants which did not only take extra time but extra money as well, because it said in the instructions you can not plant the small plugs immediatedly in the ground.

All in all it was not such a bargain.



Green Magpie

Hmm, I'm now beginning to wonder if mine have arrived and they're so small I can't find them ... must go and have a look around the letter-box or under the edge of the doormat and see if any mini-plants are lurking there!


It does not sound like they will be flowering this year.

hollie hock


Mine arrived on Friday also, they were tiny! They now look a lot better now they are in their pots,but no flowers this year



Any more sightings or have I been forgotten?

Hi All,

I'm not a GW subscriber, but am lurking on here because you lot are so friendly and it's a great way to pick up tips (and it's a great way of asking 'stupid' novice questions without being laughed at).  I am however, signed up to T&M's news emails, and this offer is open to anyone, as long as you have the code.  It did say in my email (and on the web site) that stocks were limited, so I'm wondering if T&M have a deal with GW where they'll grow enough plants for GW's free offers, and if there are any left over, then offer them to those people who have their news email.  I've applied for the offer, and hope to get my plants soon, they are normally quite small, but are always top quality, NOT like some of the other mail-order plant companies I've dealt with in the past.

I also save my clubcard vouchers until I've got £15 worth, this translates into £45 in vouchers.  Then I go through the top cash back site, (I think the rate at the minute is 8%), spend an extra fiver to get the 'free' postage, and I get £50 of plants, PLUS cash back on the whole £50 spend, even though I've only spent £5 in real terms.  This is great if like me, you are on a very limited budget.  I love T&M!