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Green Magpie

Yes, I also had the delayed e-mail apology, and that was over a week ago. They can't blame that on bad weather.

I am not convinced that bad weather would delay the production or dispatch of tiny plug plants, which are surely raised under glass. I know it's still a good deal (in theory) but if the plants are not going to arrive in time to be any use in the garden this season, it rather puts me off any future offers by T&M.

hollie hock

I got my plants, but they were tiny,.Despite potting immediately- I am very dissappointed about the echinaceas- several have died. My self sown plants are doing a lot better

I have to say I'm probably not going to order the "free plants" from T & M again


Having read the reports of this offer my feeling is they have been a bit sneaky-you will not get a refund if you are disappointed in them when they arrive because they were free-now if they had charged £4.99 plus free postage that is a different matter-you will have still paid the same but entitled to a refund

This has not done T&M any favours and am sure that a lot of posters on this board will not bother again-they obviously couldn't cope with the demand and should have cancelled and refunded orders from the outset-instead of which they created a lot of bad feeling.

I also feel that the magazine through which the orders were placed is also responsible-has anybody complained to them?

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your feedback on the offers. We contacted Thompson & Morgan, who provided the following response:

"Perennial Offer – DISPATCH UPDATE
If you are currently waiting to receive your recent order for the 36 perennial plant collection from the May issue of Gardeners’ World, these will delivered by the end of July.
Demand for this offer exceeded initial predictions and more collections had to be grown to meet this demand.
Due to the nature of these plants this delay will not have any impact on their long term health and performance.
For any readers who were informed that they would receive their plants by the end of May but have not, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.
We hope that you will enjoy your plants for many years to come.
Happy gardening
Thompson & Morgan Customer Care"




I had the same experience.I did not even bother to contact them as I have had problems in the past. But I feel that GW should take issue with them as it leaves us out of pocket with the P&P that we sent them.

Green Magpie

My plants have come at last (posted on 3 July). they are indeed extremely tiny, and will need some individual care before they're anywhere near ready to go out in the garden. The whole lot fitted into a pack the  size of a slim phone directory. Would I have ordered them if I'd known how small they'd be? Probably not, but I'll try to make something of them now they're here.

Mine have come too, they are very small but they look healthy. Just need to get them through the winter. On a positive note I liked how they can now be posted through the letterbox, I really wouldn't have been happy if I had to go back out into the torrential rain to collect them.

My Lilliputian plants arrived today, I've never seen plugs that small before. Luckily enough I had a spare tray with 9cm pots and space to grow them on for a little while indoors.

I'm rather miffed as i've not received mine yet. Initially the website said I would get them by the end of July, and now it says the end of August. It's very frustrating as i've held back planting out a few things i've got in pots as I wanted to wait until the 36 plants arrived so I get the placement and spacing right, and of course things are still in pots and the 36 are nowhere to be seen!


I wouldn't hold back Miss, I've planted summer annuals where the tiny plants will grow. They need potting up and growing on for a while before they go in to the ground anyway (when they eventually arrive that is).


Miss.Understood, mine arrived today, I have taken a photo, I do not think you will be planting these out directly into the garden.



Great photo Kate1123 - mine arrived today and I think the photo illustrates exactly what has been said by so many - they are tiny plugs !!

Plenty of root and leaf growth nonetheless, but I don't think they will be able to be planted out this year. I've potted mine into larger modules and hope they will grow sufficiently to be able to be 'potted on' a couple more times before winter sets in !! 


@fotofit I agree they look strong just not garden ready.

I received mine today and plan to get them all potted on tomorrow and bring them on in pots until theyre big enough to plant out. Nice healthy little plants. However in the meantime my Sedum and Agapanthus ive been waiting to plant out will be planted out tomorrow


Cannot fault the quality of the micro plugs received

I received mine yesterday. I am just a beginner at gardening so do I need to pot them on in bigger pots? If I cant get them planted out this year how can I store them over winter I only have plastic green house's and a cold frame.


You will need to grow them on for a few months at least-they should over winter in the cold frame or greenhouse ok- if you give them so protection if the weather gets really bad.

They may be big enough to plant out in the autumn-time will tell

Thank you sotongeoff

I experienced the same as most, I could not believe my eyes when they arrived.  I complained to T&M to cancel the order, they refunded my money and said that they would send them - as they did.  They were very small but after potting on, they are all coming along very well.

I also ordered the black perennials collection which after a two month delay arrived (after constant emailing) only to not be the black collection because 6 out of the 9 plants were substitutes.  I did get £10 in vouchers for the inconvenience.

All in all - I'm not over the moon with T&M and would hastedly use them again