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It took time for the perennial collection to come, however I stuck with them and ordered the salvias and penstemon they arrived very quickly and healthy plants, so just putting the perennials down as a one off.
hollie hock

mdw84 - Well done you for getting a refund and the plants.

I was very disappointed at the size of the seedlings, don't think they should be called plants. Mine arrived at the end of May and I have been planted them on, and in the whole they are healthy plants.

For me, I think there should have been a clearer description  on what you are going to get, ie 1 cm plugs(just)  It has put me off buying other "free plants" from T &M. I could get similar results from seed. If I ever do buy again at least I know what I'll be getting.

Having said this, I've grown mine on and this is how they look at the moment


 Pavery- just out of interest are the salvias & penstemons of the same size as the perennial offer?

Yes they were the same size Hollie, but looked really healthy. I think that with the new postal system they have most plugs will be this size, but there wasn't a bad leaf, root or any rot on them. I'll try to get a photo on in next couple of days.
hollie hock

Thanks for the info pavery,

Don't know anything about the new postal system at T & M?  Even though I thought the perennial plants that arrived were very small, they were healthy and most of them are growing up really well. The only exception were the echinaceas, despite poting on I've lost most of them, haven't had much success with my own sowed either- slugs/snails absolutley adore them

Slugs and snails tell me about it what a nightmare. T&M changed their packaging so it goes through the letterbox, instead of having to collect at the post office when you have been out and missed the postman.



heartning to hear that others are having problems with T&M, not just me.I feel that GW should refrain from promoting these FREE plantsby offering them in their magazine. After all, they are not really free. As a nursery owner (i have known him for years) pointed out, the plants that are sent out are some of the ones that are left over as they sow MILLIONS of seeds and lots are discarded. The worst of it is as they are "FREE", when you get in touch with the retailer they seem to behave as if they are doing us a favour and why are we moaning. Very, very disappointing indeed. Will someone at GW please take note. After all it reflects on you by association.


i purchased my "free" plugs on 16/6/12 posted here so i had a reference and mine ahve arrived today, the same as the image kate1123 has added previously, not bad if im honest they are small and NOT ready for thsi year but... they look healty and good root system, granted we could probably buy seeds and raise them ourselfs for next year but with all my fruit and veg i dont want to worry about seedling for flowers too so i think its probably worth the 5quid, 

i have transplanted mine into a bigger tray and will moitor the progress and get them ready for next spring, personaly i would not bother with buying any in future as it will be cheaper to buy seeds and do it your self


Mine did not arrive until middle of July - very small but healthy.  Earlier this year T&M offered 3 sky blue buddleja buzz for 1p plus postage.  I took them up on this offer and 3 very healthy plants arrived.  Thing is they are quite clearly not buzz but standard buddleja's of normal colour.  I contacted T&M and had to send them photos - they have promptly responded by sending me 3 more plants which do look like buzz.

I have to say with the exception of the late deliveries they do see to respond positively to mistakes/problems.  What I'm going to do with the 3 full size plants when I already have one of my own I just don't know!


I don't know what happen but mine hasn't arrived yet... Well it said dispatch by the end of august, so I am still waiting but by any chance if I wasn't at home, how do I know they actually been here? Do they leave letter or something? What should I do guys? Should I email them or wait?
Any help will REALLY appreciated.

Why not just-e-mail them to see if they have been dispatched-from all accounts the parcel goes through a letter box-if not a note would be left


cghos- they fit through letter box so doubtful you will have missed them, also there was alot of freebiz with them, some free wild flower seeds, some coupon for some wine etc


If anyone is still interested in the plug plants ( and has a coldframe) T&M are now offering 72 plugs for £4.95.

plant pot mad

gardeners world offer for October for 21 free perennials tried everything to get them on line,  i think it's tm not up dating offers.end up doing it on the phone..yet again. makes me mad mad mad ????????????????come on tm sort it out.



Daniel Haynes

Hello plant pot mad,

I'm sorry you've had trouble ordering the 21 free perennials online. I've just tested the link and it is still working. You can access it directly here:

Please be assured that we do test the links before publication to ensure they are working. We have found in the past that usually people experience problems with the offer links for one of two reasons:

  • They are typing the address in the search engine field (usually to the right of the browser), rather than the web address field (usually on the left)
  • They are not typing the web address exactly as printed in the magazine – often not including the ‘www’, or the hyphen

I hope you now manage to access the offer. Please let me know if not.

Daniel Haynes






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