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Jean Genie

I have just ordered some of these and would be interested to know if anyone has grown them. I've heard they can be a bit of a challenge. I would be treating them as houseplants as I live in the North so don't fancy their chances outside.

I would appreciate any tips and information anyone may have.

Thanks, Jean.

Bunny ...
I hadn't heard of it , just googled and it looks lovely , good luck with them.
Jean Genie

From what I've been reading think I'll need it !   Hoping someone's grown one.

Bunny ...
Hehe nothing like a challenge :0

I've purchased some Tacca Chantieri tubers and have planted them into 9" pots using a good quality general purpose compost.

I've also planted some other Tacca Chantieri tubers into 9" pots in good quality purpose compost mixed 50/50 with fine bark.

I did this to see which compost variety works best.

The pots also sit on trays with gravel and water to create a humid atmosphere.

My one question is this.....

  1. How long do you expect it should take before I see any signs of growth?

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