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Tagetes Minuta Posted: Today at 09:27

I recently read a letter in the December issue of the Gardeners World Magazine about Tagetes Minuta killing perenniel weeds. Does anybody know if it is safe to grow with ornamental annuals and perenniels or does if kill these as well. I thought I wold give it a try in one of my flower borders that is infested with bindweed which I have been trying to eradicate unsuccessfully for some years.




I hadn't heard of this-don't buy the magazine-so did a quick search out of interest-immediately found this and Sarah Raven says it worked for her

I have learnt something new today-and it isn't even 10am yet

But whether it kills other plants-don't know -sounds possible-I wonder how it would discriminate?


Tried this one year, but the plants did not thrive, the couch grass choked them to death!


If bindweed gave up that easily it wouldn't be so much of a problem.



It's 6 feet tall and Sarah says "not much of a looker", so how would it look in a flower bed? And how many do you need? 


Thanks for all replies, looks like I'll be stuck with the bindweed for some time to come in my flower beds but I have a rough area at the end of the garden I would like to clear so I may try it there. 

I know that tagetes keeps away the lice of other plants, never heard of killing weeds before. I grow tagetes between my other plant. Never saw them kill any of them.

Different variety of tagetes this one.

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