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I visited what was my family home today.. It's going on the market this week There are some Beautiful plants in the garden, but my favourites were always the wisteria, and the clematis. I am hoping that it is possible for me to take cutting from both, but the world of cuttings is something I haven't got the faintest idea about... Can anyone help?


Now is a good time to take clematis cuttings as per obelixx's link above.

But I wouldn't recommend bothering to propagate wisteria - I know that one has sentimental value, but wisteria grown from cuttings can take 10 years or more to flower, sometimes much more.  The wisteria plants you buy are grafted and even with them it's always advisable to buy one that's already in flower so that you know it will. 

Far better to buy a similar one - it's likely to be related to your some way back down the line 


What an exquisite clematis - I have tried and failed to take a cutting of mine in case I move away.  I can get my cuttings to survive so far then I lose them so I'll also be following Obelixx's link.  Good luck

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