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my canna flowered last year it was great this year plenty of leaves but no flowers,any ideas as to why

Probably the rubbish weather. Are you growing them in containers?

Weather-they need a lot or warmth-better luck next year


no they are in the ground facing west about ten stalks they grew to 3ft are still growing shall i dig them up do you think or leave them as i am new to growing them


These are tender plants -not hardy in the UK -they need lifting



ok thanks for the advice.will do


There are a lot of cannas in the display beds on roundabouts in Norwich, they are blooming beautifully even this year, and look fantastic.  They will be taken in when the weather turns really cold and planted out again next summer, as usual.


yes i live near the sea and there are some fantastic one planted near the beach better luck next year i hope

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