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Hi, could someone help identify this plant bought in Thailand 6 months ago --now bigger and getting bigger, maybe a climber???.




also can I grow from it  and how , best way to look after it, although it seems to be thriving as it is now  23 inches tall, thanks anyone,,.

Alina W

It looks like it's related to a calathea to me.

In which case, it likes a moist atmosphere, indirect sunlight and a reasonably warm temperature, no lower than 15C. Keep moist but not soggy.

flowering rose

it looks like something i bought in the supermarket that was going for a song,It likes to be moist and misted and its growing like mad(it recovered from the shop) and I have divided it.but I d.ont know what is called,it is more variegated than yours but I have to say yours looks really happy.




Hello Joseph, as an aglaonema the leafs are not enough narrow, slim, no end in a point.  And as a  calathea the leafs have not the typical cleft on the stork. Maybe somewhere I see later a sample. Sorry, but at this momend I have no idea...,ThaiGer.

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