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Jess is in the Garden

Mine's not the delaviyii version, but the other one, whose name I forget!

It looks exactly the same as delaviyii, only shorter.

It's looking rather sorry for itself, although it has flowered and there are a few buds still to open, but I had a red spider more infestation a few weeks back and its leaves were affected somewhat.

Do thalictrums benefit from a haircut around this time and if I chop it, will it re flower this year?

thanks to all you gardening peeps more knowledgable than me 


I do have a delaviyii and mine is not looking too good either.

Shot up earlier in the yr to over 5ft and is flowering very well, but the lower 12" all the leaves have gone yellow and the remaining flower spikes and leaves have gone limp and not looking as if it will survive.

No sign of spider mite on mine, it's been well watered in the dry spells and had a good mulch in spring.

Jess is in the Garden

Sounds just like mine - yello bottom half. But my flower spikes thankfully don't look limp.

i wondered if it just went through a less attractive leaf phase midsummer perhaps...

Thanks for replying - hope yours survives.



Hi Jess - I've also got T. thundercloud I've had for 10+yrs (with the fuzzy flowers) they're not affected.

The delaviyii is so pretty - I hope we can get some advice here.

Good luck to you too!


I don't know about deadheading as mine just seems to put up a couple of stems and I've never bothered trying. But I did accidently knock the head off one of the stems a couple of months ago and it is slowly regrowing with a flower. So I guess it might


I have a delaviyii and it is yellowing at the bottom.  I am sure I read somewhere that this is normal.


Courtesy of a Telegraph article:

An east-west bed with a hedge or fence to the north or south would allow appreciation of both flowers and fruit. Later still, the foliage changes to amber-yellow, an exciting contrast against the dark stalks.

Jess is in the Garden

Aaaaaaah! Thanks pootler  Cant remember it being so manky last year though...

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