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Hi All,

The Sept. GW mag. has a picture of this plant (page 73). It looks great and I would love to try and grow from seed.

The usual google etc searches have drawn a blank (apart from one supplier in Portugal). Do any of you grow this, or know of a UK seed supplier?

Many thanks,



Hi Bee. It might be difficult to get seeds of this as all parts of it are so poisonous. Any contact with the root alone can cause severe swelling and itching.

Hi Ladybird,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I agree that it's not one to mess with .... but it does look fab.

I'm a bit surprised that GW are suggesting we grow it if it's so difficult to source.



I agree Bee. Have you thought about contacting places that have poison gardens such as Blarney Castle in N. Ireland or Alnwick Garden in Northumberland. They may be able to help you.

Good idea LB .... Alnwick isn't too far away from me.  It would be a good excuse for another visit!

Bee x



I would love to hear how you get on Bee x

Hi LB,

Well Alnwick have been in touch  ... they don't grow thapsia villosa. Shame, I fancied a jaunt out there!

I'm tempted to send for the seeds from the ebay seller in Portugal. .... nothing ventured 

Bee x


As long as they are not charging you over the odds. Hope they have a high, good feedback too.

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