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Sorry if this the wrong use of the forum. I am trying to track down Rudbeckia seeds which will produce plants with orange flowers. Searches which claim to give orange results such as 'marmalade' invariably then show an image of a yellow flower. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

Gary Hobson

I've grown Cappuccino, for several years, using seed from T&M.

Just out of curisoity I wondered whether the Fothergill's (in the link just above) might be cheaper. It turns out that Fothergill's are 25% more expensive than T&M, for the same number of seeds. T&M also occasionally offer discounts on top of that too. This is Cappuccino from T&M:

Personally, I wouldn't actually call Cappuccino 'orange', more yellow merging into a brick red. There are some other Rudbecia's that might be of interest. All of these produce a range of 'orangey' colours. You might get some orange ones, you might not:

Thank you for those speedy replies and the links. It is appreciated. 

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