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I'm looking for some advice on what plant I should put in a tricky position.

I have a spot which is next to a 3ft fence and doesn't get any sunshine on it, any plant I put will have full shade until the plant gets to over 3ft tall, (past the fence height) I need ideas to what I could plant there and something which will give lots of colour, I was thinking things like tall perennials which would grow tall in the summer and die back in the winter but don't know if these will grow in the spring with me sunlight on them, or am I better planting a flowering shrub, can anyone help? 


You have quite a choice of flowering shrubs that will do shade - Choisya, Camellia, Pieris, Spirea and Hydrangea. I can't think of any tall perennials that will do shade apart from foxglove.



Are any of these fast growing?


Not particularly. Off the top of my head - if you buy one now in a 5l pot, you will have a half decent shrub in 5 years or so. The hydrangea is probably the quickest growing.



Would grasses grow in this position?


Can't help on that one I'm afraid. Someone else will no doubt come along to help.



I have similar only a 6ft fence.  It only occurred to me after I did something else (!) but what I'd do if in that situation again is put in a raised bed so that whatever I plant doesn't have to grow as tall before getting more light.  That would give you a quicker result.  Not sure about grasses though - I would think they prefer more direct sunlight but, as Hogweed said, someone here will know.

Hope you find a solution that suits you.  

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