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Desire For Gardening

Wlll its a beautiful day here in Dublin and I, a novice, am attending to the rose garden. Last summer my late Mum was running the show here as she did for many years

This is one rose with 7 light green per stem, not too prickly which too me looks evasive. Is it? 

Seems to be coming from under the root base?

What shall I do?




Most likely a sucker, from your description. Most hybrids have 5 leaflets with the occasional three, and the leaves are a darker colour. 


Try and pull the sucker out rather than cutting it off.  It helps to loosen the soil around  where it emerges from the ground.  They grow direct from the rootstock and pulling them off is thought the lessen the chances of another forming, whereas cutting it may promote more. 

I have a rose tree with seven leaves on a branch.This does not come from the base of the plant so I do not know whether it is a sucker or not.



If it doesn't come from the base of the plant it's not going to be a sucker.

 Although the majority of modern-type roses have only 5 leaflets, Old-type roses, ramblers and specie roses have more.  

Sadly lots of people have destroyed lovely roses because of the mistaken dictum that 'if it has more than 5 leaflets it's no good'. 


I never knew about 5 leaflets. I always worked on theory that if grows from below root stock, is robust and fast growing, quite pale and hardly any no thorns it was a sucker.

Bob I've taken note of what you posted and will do that if I get any.

This is really helpful. We have a new Fantin-Latour rose which was only about 40 cm when planted. It produced about 20 blooms but has produced 5 or 6 long shoots with 7 leaflets. I was worried but am now reassured.

Paul. Herts

I have a rosa masquerade which I planted earlier this year. It is growing well and I have been training it along my fence. It has not flowered at all, and now all of a sudden there are 7 new and very vigorous shoots coming from the very bottom of the plant, all with 7 leaves. I am not sure whether to leave them, or whether they will take over and stop the original rose from growing. Should I remove them?

I have bought rose cuttings planted in cover. Now all the new shoots are seven leaves. But not below rootstock. But growing like wild

stem is thick of one inch diameter


Probably a rambler or one of the other species type roses - most of them have varying numbers of leaflets. 

Its only the Hybrid Tea types that usually only have give leaflets. 

What I do now

should I cut that new shoots on three places on stem

or wait for few more days


I think your roses are OK naus _dexter. 

7 leaflets is alright.


Sorry - typo   It should read 'five leaflets'. 



Pruning depends on what type of rose it is. 

Some flower on the previous years growth so pruning now will remove the chance of flowers this year. 



other rose I bought in the nursery is drying from bottom

andmy other roses leafs are curled and new shoot are drying in the tip and flowers also shrinked

bur I read tat might be due to boron deficiency bur not sure

these are desi roses tat is Edward rose

but plant is ok

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