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Fairygirl, not heard of salvia hot lips? Red and white flowers? This is a ladeeees plant.

Too much colour for me Verd....

Must admit to stirring the pot here a bit......for me some variegated plants are worth having and others not.
I have a large number if you include coloured foliage like purple and yellow and I wouldn't be without them.
As with the responses to this thread I accept many simply do not like them.

I wouldn't be without variagted plants myself - but I'm less flowery and more foliagey in my current garden - lots of shade. I find it stops the garden all ending up the same mid-green come July. I use hedera 'clotted cream', various euonymous and aucuba japonica to bring light to deep shady corners, Not so keen on variagated herbaceous, though there are a few that I don't find too unnatural, like hostas, grasses, irises... I've got a brilliant bugle too, pale minty green with white edges and very pale blue flowers. Its taking over the world, so if it's sick, it's probably just as well. I also use the variagated ground elder, though only in confined areas. Personal hate - variagated foliage with pink flowers. Pink goes so much better with proper green, gold or red foliage IMHO. And on the theme of unnatural things... PINK DAFFODILS! I mean, really? If I ever see one my eyeballs may implode. Can these people not wait a month for a nice tulip? Saying that, pink lily of the valley doesn't bother me. Ho hum. Each to their own and all that. Except for pink daffs. Ha... I did a rant! Bx


Morning dove......teasing today? Can't see your pictures.
Variegated shouty trousers? Think I'll get a pair but punkdoc may have the monopoly!

 The first was tricky had to save and upload the 2nd just a link.

Firefox with web developer extensions can get anything



Thanks Blackest - think the first will look better in my garden than the second 


aye the 2nd is 6 foot, could be too tall, (what kind of site was that) I thought it was supposed to be selling clothes but gives the models height?


Useful information when buying trousers Blackest, especially for my son in law who is 6'6.5" - not that he would wear anything like that!

Now if I could have the first one reach 6 ft up against the fence that'd look great 


Haven't you heard? Punkdoc's starting his own range-it'll be in 'branches' of all good high street stores later this year.. 

Actually I think we might be on to something...has anyone got Gok's phone number? you have Hostas...never!

AuntB-with you on the pink flowers on variegated foliage.

Don't think your trousers tempt me dove.
In one of my silly moments at specsavers recently I was tempted by a pair of extra large, almost comkcal black glasses but the assistant kept insisting in all seriousness that they "didn't suit" me.
In an emergency on Sunday I had to buy pair tights for niece. So confused by range, size colour etc I asked for sssistant's help whilst talking to my niece on my mobile. I then said to my niece I wasn't sure if they had them in MY SIZE .....the look on the assisant's face was priceless......her mouth open wide in disbelief and shock. I couldn't stop laughing. The relief when I explained to her I was joking was clear. I enjoyed that.......I did, I did

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