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hello, i have two large wooden planters that did contain Box topiaries. Even though i fed/watered them regularly they never looked really healthy so decided to put in the garden instead. I now have two empty planters and wondered (before i buy) what would be better suited to the planters.

The planters are on the patio and couldn't be moved elsewhere as there's nowhere else to site them. I did wonder about Dwarf Syringa as i already have a mini ceanothus in a large terracota pot on the same site ???

We're very exposed to the elements and no shelter in the way of hedging or trees.


Would welcome any advice. Many thanks




Camelias...if ceanothus thrive there Camelias should too. Dwarf rhododendrons? What about Taxus Coppershine.....mounded vigorous evergreen with leaves ranging from green n white in winter, to coppery orange.....superb spring and early summer to yellow until winter. Or Taxus Standishii upright olive coloured leaves? Slightly prickly but superb colour at this time is berberis flowers on tight evergreen foliage. Hollies too. Easy and good looking. Golden king has yellow and green foliage, red berries and a natural conical shape

Black bamboo Verdun,then they will match mine and I'll send the Wrens to visit your lovely garden

Bye the way,the guy called SUN has found the SE, I am just about to go out and welcome him........I'd like him to stay a while!

Morning jatnikapyar,
I love the wrens too.
That sun fellow is peeping behind the clouds.......maybe!

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