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I am thinking about planting a cob nut tree. - I have the space.

I would like to hear of experiences with them - recommended varieties, length of time before I have a harvest, pruning, downfalls etc, pollination

Thanks for help



Question 1. Are there grey squirells in the vicinity. If so, dont bother. I have quite a few hazels in the hedge. They set nuts every year. Every year the squirrels eat them before they are ripe enough  for us to eat.

The contorted variety is more interesting and sets nuts too but if you want to get bean poles as well then this would obviously not be the best choice.

Was aiming for a nut harvest - mmmmm squirrels, a couple around but not overrun with them


I only see squirrels for a few weeks a year. Hazel nuts, walnuts, acorns, then they're off.

Except in a hard winter when they come for the peanuts



Last year was the first time the squirrels didn't nick my hazelnuts - I expect they'll be back as per normal this autumn though!  If I were to plant another cob, it would be a purple leaved filbert (aka red filbert.)  Smaller nut crop but much more attractive foliage (which is all I usually get to enjoy!)  Chris Bowers (who posts on this forum) has a good range of all types to choose from.  Matty, just one squirrel will strip a tree - they just take them, bury them and return until there are none left.. 

I have four large hazels in my garden,  and at least three red squirrels in the area, the nuts are for the squirrels which i have great fun watching.



How lovely Andrew.  Worth having them just for that reason alone   

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