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Sara 4

 This came from a 'proper' rose grower, and is true to colour, but the one obvious stem is twice as thick as the others (which have also borne flowers) and, as you can see, predominates.  There are thorns on the early part of the stem and none at all on the top two thirds.  It doesn't look quite right to me, but I don't know what to do about it (if anything) so any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are many different varieties of Roses.  So I'm sure it is a rose.  It's growth could be affected by a lot of lush greenery around it.  

Sara 4

By the way, it's a Blue for You Floribunda. 


When the blooms on that stem have gone over, I would cut it back by half to an outward facing bud.  In the spring(late Feb/early March, depending on conditions) I would prune the weaker stems back hard, down to just 3 or 4 buds, pruning to an outward facing bud; leave the stronger stem alone.  As pruning promotes growth, that should help the bush even itself out a bit.

 After pruning give a mulch of well rotted farmyard manure (don't let it touch the stems) or a dressing of Fish, blood and bone and make sure your rose bush has space to grow - it's looking a bit overcrowded, which won't help the weaker stems. 


Sara 4

Thanks Dove, I shall give that a go - is the reason that the stem doesn't have thorns just that it's running away a bit?

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