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To add some balance to this thread, I've bought from T&M a number of times - often the GW magazine pay postage only offers. Had a couple of problems, spoke to them on the phone and quickly resolved. 

Plants did arrive this time but did not survive (leaves fallen off in package).  Wrote three emails - got no reply.  Phoned - very nice young lady promised to pass refund details on. 13 days later phoned to say refund not arrived.  Told to hang on a few more days.  Still waiting.  Will NOT order from T&M again.

Sad to say joining the queue for non deliveries. Ordered in March for April delivery - then going to be May - then going to be June and now SEPTEMBER.  Needless to say now cancelled. Will now struggle to find anything for the area planned- thanks a bunch T & M!!. Wish I read this forum before ordering.

Ordered other plants from one of their Dutch named competitors at the same time and went like clockwork - lesson learned!

I have to agree with all the people who have had terrible service, as mine was appauling. I also join the queue for non-deliveries and wasted time and money trying to resolve. It is not because you used Tesco Club card vouchers and were second class. Even people who pay with money are worse than second class- we are millionth class and so not really exist as far as their "customer service" is concerned.

I suggest that you tell everyone that you know to avoid this company like the plague They are so abysmal that they do not deserve to be in business.

i ordered from them, arrived on time, one plant damaged, emailed them and got a reply within half hour, sent a picture and they are replacing plant, can't complain 


I bought plugs from T&M this year and immediately potted them up. At the moment i have Erigeron and Foxglove dalmations in flower from theirs plugs. I lost a few Echinaceas to slugs but others will probably flower next year. I found they are slow reply to emails but i can't complain for the bargain price i paid for their plugs.

I've had a dreadful season with T&M. 
I've ordered a good amount of plants; many have arrived in poor condition and I've complained, frequently. The latest batch to arrive ( two packs) were missing some of the advertised plants...and a couple of plants were also dead.
I messaged T&M and all I got was the offer of a £5 voucher code towards another order. I complained about this as no way do I want to place any more orders. I was told that if I couldn't accept this ' gesture of goodwill' then tough...there would be no alternative. I have further expressed my disgust as I didn't get what I paid for! 
T&M obviously forget the power of the Internet!
I am disgusted at the service this year and I can honestly say that there are other plant providers that are far more superior with the quality of the plants and the customer service.
I shall not order from T&M, ever again!

Doghouse Riley

Well here's my latest experience of  a problem with T&M. To be fair, for us in the  past,  they've always "done the right thing."

In 2015 we bought two Gardenias, (no change out of £25) they didn't thrive so I complained about them in 2016 including a photo with my e-mail of them in their sorry state.

They replaced them in early  2017, but again these have done no better. So last week I e-mailed them  again enclosing a photo of these poorly performing plants. I told them I'd tried my best and usually with the many plants we'd bought from them over the years and are still buying (two outstanding orders)  we never have any problems, but in this case I wanted a refund.

The response I got wasn't what I wanted, no refund, just this advice.

Choose a sheltered spot, away from wind, in a partially shaded location. The ideal spot has morning sun and afternoon shade, especially during the hottest months, so choose the location with care.

Gardenias like an acid soil (pH below 6.0), so test you soil and add plenty of lime-free organic material when preparing the planting spot. Well-rotted pine-bark is ideal, but other composts are also suitable.

Even if you find your soil is not acidic enough, you can still grow Gardenia by using a special fertilizer called chelated iron, which you water onto your plant and soil in spring and again in late summer. This will keep the leaves a rich, dark green, and your plant strong, healthy and flowering well.

Alternatively, plant your gardenia in a container, using potting soil for acid-loving plants. Gardenias make great pot plants, and a plant in a container is also easy to move around to get the correct amount of sun exposure. In a pot, it can also be brought inside when the temperatures are too low, even if you only have an unheated porch for shelter.

Mulch Gardenia in spring with pine bark, compost or peat-moss and keep it well-watered. Gardenias like plenty of water, so never let the soil become dry around your plant. Water whenever the soil begins to dry on the surface, but don’t water your plant so much that it is constantly in wet soil.

Use a fertilizer for acid-loving plants, applied in early spring and again 6 weeks later, or use a liquid gardenia fertilizer according to the directions. Do not fertilize in late summer or autumn, as new growth will be more susceptible to frost.

I do hope this helps.  Please get in touch if you have any other queries.

Not being happy with that I e-mailed them  again,

We had all that information  before and neither of them survived.

Our garden is full of azaleas and rhodos, check out this video,(link attached),  there’s a lot of  your plants in it, so we know how to look after them and similar plants.

We’ve tried our best  but to no avail. I’d like you to refund my money. There’s been a few uncomplimentary comments about your firm's service lately on the Gardener’s World Message board. But I’ve always praised you service.

Don’t disappoint me now.


They've e-mailed me back today telling me they've now refunded my money.


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