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I've been buying from Thompson and Morgan over 10 years. One thing is that I think they everything is completely overpriced. I always use Clubcard Boost with my Tesco Clubcard vouchers. Even when getting cashback with Quidco, using a promotional code etc etc when my plants arrive I always feel its poor value for money.

The main issue with me is the mini plugs. I have always had a lot of success with the plugs eg the fuschias which I potted on for 2 months which are now in the hanging baskets. I also have loads of beautiful Lilly Trees grew from bulbs from T&M. Roses from bareroots too. However, the mini plugs are a completely different story. Mine usually look healthy when they arrive but around 25% die some within a 1-2 days.

Thompson & Morgan entice you in with these mini plugs collections with photos of beautiful flowers. I bought the Perennial 'Best Value' collection and the Gardeners' World Cottage Garden Perennials offer which arrived a few days ago.

I emailed T&M 2 weeks ago about replacements for the Perennial 'Best Value' and have not heard anything. Some of the Cottage Garden Perennials have died or are wilting.

I will probably still buy from T&M in future but will not ever buy mini-plugs.


Why on earth do you buy from a company that supplies poor quality products.  There are other suppliers out there.

I notice that this is the first post you have ever made on the forum.

Bulbs and seeds are fine from T & M.  But just dont buy plants

I ordered six Anemone Wild Swan from them, terrible plugs arrived but I did my best to save them and get them to grow on, but in the end they died the next season!

Had a moan on here, they did respond to say send the order number etc and they would look into it for me!

But I had lost all the details by then so had to pass up their offer!

So always keep the packaging or order numbers safe, just in case

As a treat I took my wife out yesterday naturally to visit garden centres, well where else, one was offering a lifetime guarantee on their perennial plants another one, 10 years, the only proviso was, keep your receipt! !

That is confidence that the plants will grow on on their part!

Yep, I know who you mean JIMMY.  I have taken back plants after a couple of years if they die or look sickly.  Yes, always keep those receipts



Thats why I like buying online ....easier to find the order details than a paper receipt


Should have mentioned, I only bought 2 Physocarpus shrubs,2 David Austin roses and 2 Acers thank goodness my garden has elastic sides!

The 2 physocarpus shrubs cost only £12.99 each, Lady in Red and Diablo, they were smashing plants for the money, unlike the Wild swan and Rozanne plugs from T&M which when I bought them were advertised at £9.99 per plug!

Like I said the Wild Swan kicked the bucket but the Rozanne eventually grew into fine plants!

The joys of gardening!


I bought T&M Eryngium (Sea Holly) & Osteospermum seeds in March. None of them germinated , despite my Johnsons Ageratums germinating in the same room, and the Unwins Sweet Peas, and the Suttons Sunflowers now all thriving plants.

I waited patiently, carefully monitoring, watering, checking temperature (constant 18°C in my kitchen). It is obvious to me from the myriad complaints about T&M that they are guilty of sharp practice - others on this forum noted that there are no production dates on their seed packets !! Why not ? In order to ensure selling all their out-of date unviable seed stock.

I think it's a con and in breach of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 which states that goods must be fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. They should clearly state the age of their seeds, as do other seed companies.

T&M have offered me replacement seeds or a voucher (not received yet), but really I think they'd benefit from a review of their unscrupulous marketing. Having wasted 2 months tending for their duff seeds I am considering reporting them to trading standards.


Jon - the seed packets should all have a 'use by' date. I don't trust anyone who sells seeds without that.


At our gardening club we use Suttons to buy seeds etc in bulk at a good discount,year before last someone proposed that we use T&M instead, a few of the old ladies "exploded" and said " their seeds never germinate" so that was that as far as T&M were concerned!

Me I have now learned my lesson, I would buy nothing from them at any price, they are the pits!

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