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We purchased (as a gift) the tower plot kit and winter clematis. 

The pots were broken on arrival (the packaging was intact so must have been broken before they were packed), instead of the gun-metal colour on the photo, they were a gaudy gold random splash pattern. Far from "sturdy" (their words) they were flimsy plastic, with the molding sprue still attached. It cost £10 to return them. The Clematis was due for shipment by end of September, this has changed to end October, and they now tell me they can only supply one of the two we have ordered and paid for. In trying to sort this out they advised me to contact customer services, when I did they just quoted their terms of sale - in other words “Go away we are not interested”. Shocking service, appalling goods, I will NEVER deal with these people again.

oh dear I have ordered some bareroot trees they are now supposed to come in November I hope they arrive as it will be too late to order more

Thompson Morgan says:

Hello everyone,

I'm copying my post from the other thread Plant Pauper kindly guided katherinclyde to.

Naturally, the same offer stands here. If there are any outstanding issues, I'll do whatever I can to help you (after all, I too am a consumer - I know how frustrating the process can be at times) - here's the original post I wrote:

Good morning everyone,

Richard here from the Customer Care Team at Thompson & Morgan.

If there are any outstanding issues that need attending to, I'll be more than happy to help.

You're very welcome to call the Customer Care Hotline on 0333 400 0033 - if you would like to ask for me, I'll be happy to personally take care of you. I work both weekend days from 9am - 6pm.

Alternatively, you may respond to this post with an order reference number e.g. T12345678 or W1234567 or an email reference number that we will have sent to you in response to any emails you may have sent us. The email reference number will look something like this: TM1234567X.

(As soon as I have these details I will look into your account for you).

Alternatively, you may private message me (at the weekends) via our T&M Facebook page, which can be found here:

I will look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,


In addition to me offering my personal help, we have a dedicated Customer Care Social Media team here (which I'm part of) who's responsibility it is to ensure we respond in a timely manner to your queries posted on forums such as these.

The Social Media team work seven days per week, so in theory, the longest you should have to wait for a response is approximately 24 hrs.

Genuinely, we're here to help - please talk to us. Please let us know where we're failing, where we're letting you down, where we're not meeting up to our promises - it's the fastest way for us to serve you better.

My best,


See original post

 You could try contacting Richard at T&M to see if he can help.
Shocking service though and you're quite right to be angry.

Thanks Pete8,

Hazel - can I help? I'd like to look into this for you (unfortunately, my feeling is that the revised despatch date is accurate). Usually this happens because our growers have advised us that your plants are not progressing at the rate they'd initially expected (in almost all cases due to prolonged adverse weather conditions). I appreciate that this is not the ideal outcome.

If you would like me to take a look, please do get in touch via any of the means in Pete8's post above.

I'll be very happy to help if I can.

Best regards,



Just want to say that I ordered the 200 spring bulbs (free but £5.65 postage) & added lucky dip perennial plug plants for £3.99. The plug plants arrived today & they all look very healthy - no sign of the bulbs yet but looks like they're coming by courier rather than royal mail. I was a bit worried about ordering after seeing this thread but thought I'd risk it for less than a tenner - just hope I don't kill them now!!



None of the seeds I bought from TM at Bham NEC in June germinated. Seeds I got from other companies (in same varieties) such as Unwins (brilliant!!) all germinated. Reading this I will definitely never order anything from them even if they're the last company on earth to stock something I desperately want. Poor customer service is unacceptable.

Ok......we have all voiced our (unfavourable) opinion about T & M but fair do's.  

Richard from T & M has appealed to us to let him sort out the complaints aired here.  Let's give him a chance to do just that    T & M need to up their game and quickly and Richard must be well aware of it.   genuine good customer service is the very least we want or we will all go elsewhere 

Doghouse Riley

I've always found with Thompson & Morgan, they'll replace anything about which you complain.

We've had two gardenias we complained about we bought last year replaced, which did nothing after several months. We had to wait a few months before they became available, but as the replacements  were going to be later than promised we got an e-mail apologising for the delay. The replacements are doing fine.

I bet if you complained that seeds didn't germinate they'd replace or refund your money too.

In my opinion this "no quibble" policy, is because the few complaints they get compared with the volume they sell means they can well afford to be generous.

If I complain about anything to them, I always enclose a photo of the problem with the email. Works for me every time.

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Thank you all,

Yep Verdun - I'd like to help. I've worked here now for a while with T&M, I have a pretty good feel for what I can and can't do. If I can't I'll be honest with you, if I can help I will.

MaisieM - would you like me to check on your bulbs for you?

Wakeshine - can I arrange some (free-of-charge) replacement seeds for you? Or something else perhaps?

Is there anything else I've missed that needs addressing?

Just to re-iterate, I only work at the weekends but we do have a dedicated customer care social media team here who will be watching for any responses made here during the week.

Please do let us know if we can help. We'll be the first to admit that we're not perfect. We do want to help though. If we're failing you, we'd like to hear about it. Hopefully then we can make sure the same mistakes don't happen again.

Please do talk to us.

My best,



Thanks Richard - it's ok, they'll get here, I'm sure! It's my relatively remote location that means we usually wait a day or two longer if items are sent by carrier - too wet & windy to be outside planting just now anyway but thanks for the offer .

Ok MaisieM,

Do let us know though, if there's anything we can do.

My best,



They arrived the following day Richard . Just got to wait until spring now to enjoy them!!

Hi MaisieM

I am glad that your order has now arrived. Enjoy them once they come up in the Spring


T&M Customer Care

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