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They really do need to up their game.
I've never ordered any plants from them and never intend to.
I use local garden centres/Crocus/Sarah Raven mostly for plants.

However I do order seeds from T&M most years and have generally good results. But their prices are not cheap.
Petunia seeds which are almost invisible are just sealed into the big seed packet, so it's a case of opening the packet very carefully on 3 sides, laying it flat, then turning it over above the seed tray and do a lot of tapping and hope for the best. End result is a few patches of congested seedlings. Petunia seeds from Mr Fothergill are cheaper and usually arrive in a tiny vial and therefore much easier to sow.

Many of the plant seed descriptions on the T&M site do not give the height of the plant which is also poor. A close-up of a flower gives no idea of the height of the plant. I did mention this to their Cust Svs a few years ago, they agreed that plant height was important and should be included and said they would pass my comments on - to the bin presumably.


I would still order from them. The seeds are OK. Plants are pot-luck. I got some lovely agapanthus. No complaints. Some hellebores black swans and I still haven't seen one black swan in my garden. I had them last summer. Instead, I have a lot of purple hellebores .. The mind boggles. If they are willing to replace the items, I am fine with them. 

It all depends on the price and what's on offer. I can't afford nursery prices.. even though they are half prices...

I use them a lot for seeds, and have no complaints at all. 

They give you a £5 voucher every order, so select £5 worth of seed, then checkout, £2 P&P and use voucher............ total cost £2 and then you get another voucher 

Repeat a few times and you get a lot of seed for your ££ 

I`ve 3 seperate orders for petunias and fushia plugs, will comment when received but no complaints so far to be honest. 


Peter: Wait till they are £1 per packet (near the end of the planting season) and you can then stock up. I reckon you must be full of their seeds now. I'm running out of room. I seeded my own yellow echinacea cheyenne seeds and even though I put 4 in a pot, I ended up with 8 pots ... Mama mia, I am running out of room. I have to stack my boxes of strepocarpus (4 boxes on top of each other x 2 blocks) in the toilet.  And I will have visitor from Australia soon. 


aym - I did - you're getting to know me too well ;)

This is all of them but I did get about 15 packs at £1 ea from both T&M and Mr F

Aster Duchess Blue Ice Bacopa Utopia Calibrachoa Kabloom White F1 Seeds Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry Seeds Cornfolower Midget Cosmos  - Purity  Cosmos - Psyche Wight Cosmos Daydream Cosmos Dwarf Sonata Mixed Seeds Cosmos Gazebo mix Cosmos Xanthos Seeds Dahlia Bishop's Children Dahlia Dwarf Mix Eschscholzia Ivory Castle Godetia Rembrandt Heliopsis Summer Nights Seeds Honeywort saved seed 2016 Larkspur - White King Lupin Festival Mixed Seeds Nicotiana sylvestris Petunia grandiflora 'Double Cascade Burgundy Plum Vein' F1 Hybrid  Petunia grandiflora 'Limoncello' F1 Hybrid  Petunia Mirage Velvet F1 Seeds Phlox Moody Blues Seeds Rudbeckia Chim Chiminee Seeds Salvia coccinea 'Summer Jewel Pink'  Scabious caucasia Sunflower Mixed Sweet Pea - High Scent Sweet Pea - Twilight Sweet Pea Hi Scent Seeds Sweet Pea Incense Mixed Seeds Veronica Rose Tones Veronica Seeds - Blue Bouquet  -  Basil Cabbage Caserta F1 Seeds Carrot Flyaway F1 Seeds Chard Bright Lights Seeds Chili Jalapeno Coriander Calypso Seeds Courgette 'Venus' F1 Hybrid - RHS endorsed vegetable seeds  Cucumber 'Cucino' F1 Hybrid Dill Fennel di Firenze Kale Nero di Toscana Seeds Lettuce Mixed Salad Leaves Lettuce Mixed Salad Leaves Parsley Pepper (Sweet) Marconi Rosso Seeds Pepper Snackbite Mix Seeds Radish Candela di foco Spring Onion White Lisbon Tomato - Garden Pearl Tomato - Maskotka Tomato - Tmbling Tom Tomato - Suncherry Premium Tomato - Sungold Tomato 'Akron' F1 Hybrid Tomato 'Rosella' Tomato 'Shirley' F1 Hybrid

Been working on the new g/h electrics, will be finished tomorrow, then I can get my vitopod in and get sowing!! I may need a bigger g/h!


I usually pick the packets that are £1 now 

oh god I`ve got soooo many packets lol, no way I can grow them all, and if they all did germinate and get to full flower I dont have the room to plant them. 

my theory is only a % will succeed and I will pick the healthiest to pot on etc. 

I`ve 16 buxton blue germaniums in 3" pots, 8 thunbergia (blushing suzies) in 3" pots, only 1 purple haze germinated out of 10  but thats also in a 3" now. 

Just put about 30 Asarina in the propagator (was only ment to be 20 in packet but counted 30) and most germinated after 2-3 days 

good example, when the 4 for 5 offer was on 

Zinnia Elegans Pulcino Mixed 1 Packet (50 Seeds)

Zinnia Elegans Magellan Mixed F1 Hybrid 1 Packet (10 Seeds)

Nasturtium Minus Just Peachy 1 Packet (17 Seeds)

Catharanthus Roseus Mediterranean Lilac 1 Packet (25 Seeds)

Asarina Purpusii Victoria Falls 1 Packet (20 Seeds)

cost me 91p delivered 


Pete: 30 Asarina... You're getting carried away. I do know the feeling of being overwhelmed with pots, trays. That's why I use serviettes. However, I have found out that small seeds don't transfer well. One lesson learned. I wish I could borrow a code as I do like the look of the clematis collection ... 


Thank you. Please reply. 


I have changed my mind as they will be delivered end of March - no way will they flower this year. Thank you, Peter for the code. Shame. 

Hi All

It's great to hear that we have so many fans of our seeds and so many of you have capitalised on our £5 voucher offered with every order! I hope you have all stayed safe with Storm Doris and your gardens have survived unscathed.

Thank you for your feedback regarding the height and spread of our plants and the packaging of our petunia seeds, I will make sure this is passed on. We have made great efforts to include the height and spread dimensions within our new mailings but I will pass on your comments to ensure we try to integrate this to our online products too.

@Narminatia - I am very sorry that you did not receive your plants from your most recent order. I can confirm we do advise our P&P charges on our website if you do have any queries regarding this. Nevertheless, I am pleased that we were able to refund your Clubcard points and resolve this query for you.

If anyone has any further queries please don't hesitate to let us know or email us on

Kind regards


Hi Natalie, thanks for taking the time to comment. 

No complaints regarding seeds at all, delivery is always very prompt. 

Got a fair few petunias and fushias on order for delivery April time, will report how they arrive. 


Peter T 

I do have one bit of feedback regarding the website tho, (and not the perfomance issues of late 

when selecting seed would it be possible to either sort by number of seeds OR have number of seeds per packet as a filter on the left hand side. 


Peter T


Hi Peter T

Yes, do keep us updated with the arrival of your plants, let's hope we'll be well into spring by then leaving the cold, windy weather behind us.

Interesting idea Peter, I will definitely pass this on too :) Would make it easier to get more seed for your money ;)




bizzarely its the opposite, with growing so many types sometimes I`m looking for something new but only want 10-15 seeds :) 

O I see! I totally understand, you don't want to grow something and discover it's not for you then you have 200 seeds left over :D


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