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Have I persuaded any,of you to try salvia patens or any other blue flowering ones? They are tender,perennials treated much the same as dahlias and also form tubers. They flower for months,,have scented leaves but what glorious blue flowers. Keep them in the ground in mild areas or dig them up to protect over winter. Plant with orange, yellow or white flowers ...superb Who's persuaded?

Lovely blue Verdun.  I have had them overwinter but the seed raised ones get to flower first

hello these sound lovely, would they suit a shady patch or can i grow them in pots? do i buy them as seeds or as tubers, what are tubers???


I grew them last year and you are right...startlingly blue flowers


I saw lots of Salvia Patens in Hidcote Garden some years ago and wanted them, but I couldn't find them here in France until fairly recently. I tried a few from the GC which were rather spindly and quite expensive. They didn't do very well, nothing like the Hidcote ones and they had much paler flowers.


Buy them as plants. Or as nut said grow from seed. Me? I'm lazeeeeeeee. I grow from bought plants and propagate every year.....with Patens it's by splitting tubers after a couple of,years. But cuttings good too.
Need sun, good drainage, and yes you can grow in pots. I do this with a few spare ones I have in pots to disguise in the gardenIng plantIng scheme.
Slugs love em. ESP those big fat ones (nice in salads) but I keep an eye out for them. Usually only odd one or two at season' s start and when I've caught them the plants usually are fine thereafter.
As with hostas, hellebores, fuschias, etc these are highly addictive plants. Some salvias grow 7 feet others just a few inches. I grow pineapple pineapple scented leaves ( brush against it and the scent lingers on you) but this has red flowers
Patens comes in pale blue or dark blue but there is a rather special one......guaranjuato Larger richer flowers on a bigger plant
Whet your appetite?



I have only grown this one...(from seed)



Funnily enough, as I was sorting through my seeds today, I found a packet of blue flowering sage which I must have bought last year when I had some hope that summer would happen.
It's gone int my 'to sow now' box.
But haven't done any seed sowing today, as there are flurries of snow outside.

verdun thanks for the suggestion


cheerypeabrain that looks lovely.

Two basic patens types. Cambridge has pale blue flowers.....the colour of the sky, not an insipid wishy washy colour....and the straight patens which is dark blue. Both equally as attractive.
Brum, expensive? No. Look up Dysons nursery.
Brainwashing??? Brum you will tell me your credit card number now...................

verdun thanks that looks a great place to buy salvias, happy shopping.


Yep, have grown both the deep blue and lighter blue cambridge from seed.  Some of them came back for several years, but the recent cold winters seem to have done them in.  Must get some seed and grow some more - both shades of blue are wonderful!


ive sown these last week now waiting for them to germinate. 

Ive grown blue bedder this year and I am trying white porcelain they have germinated and outside under cover.  They are lovely in the garden.

Debra, blue bedder..farinacea....are nice but only annuals
When you grow patens ...a tender perennial you can keep from year to will be hooked

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