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Forgot the photo, sorry - and now it doesn't want to show the photo! Back to the plant books, I guess! Oh - think it's done it this time Sorry if it's huge - took it with my phone.

Thugs in the garden? Never put artimesia limelight in the garden. You will never get rid of it. Euphorbia griffithi, houttynia chameleon are the same as are many grasses. I have learned to grow the better behaved varieties of these plants

houttynia chameleon, that creeping miniature violet, a nettle like thing with a horrible smell, macleaya cordata, rhus typhina sending up suckers everywhere - I could go on!

I'd certainly add the common Celandine and Butterbur......neither of which I planted but someone did


And of course a valerian - not the common officianalis - which grows about 3 feet and seeds everywhere! And the perennial sweet pea coming up all over the shop - took the weedkiller to that this year..............



I  left houttynia chameleon at the last house I owned thank god, but I inherited Jap Anenome - I hate it.  Cant get rid of the stuff and next door has got it now so even though I try my best to dig it all up the damn thing returns from next door.  The other thing is comfrey, hate that too, I havent planted it but baby plants keep turning up everwhere like a bad penny.

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