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Hi I'm new to the forum and have done some gardening. What i'd like to ask is that I have bought a stone circle to put under the rotary dryer (evil necessity) and would like to grow an alternative to grass such as Thymus serpyllum within the circle which will be surrounded by normal grass. Can anyone give me some advice please?

I thought if it was mowed regularily it wouldn't grow too tall and would be good for the bees/smell nice too but I don't know if it is invasive or not.





Hi Lolomac, welcome

The thyme won't grow tall, it isn't a tall plant. It won't flower if you mow it regularly.

It's not invasive, it roots as it goes but is easy to remove. 

Thanks that all sounds positive. I suppose I could leave it to grow & flower.

Thanks for answering my query, it's appreciated.



Lolo, I can't remember which is which of all my thymes but some are barely 2 inches tall. If you get some of those you'll have a lovely display but don't stand on the bees when you hang the washing out 


I've heard of people using it on driveways to make them more appealing, and it copes with cars being parked on it. I think it sounds a lovely idea Lolo, but nut's right - don't wear sandals when you put the washing out! 


gardenning granny

My washing line is in the middle of a small herb garden......over the years I have removed the curry plant which scented the sheets, and the lavendar which scratched my legs.....the chives remain and low growing thyme, but watch out for bees when they are in flower.  I now include carpeting dianthus "flashing lights" and a variety of house leeks  too.


The big advantage of thyme is that you can walk on it without doing it any harm. I had a very low growing one years back which would have been ideal. Only grew about an inch or so and that was when it flowered. Flowers on it were tiny. Will see if I can find the name of it somewhere.

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