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Dear gardeners,

please advise on how to tidy up sweet wiliams plot?

I have a glorious flowering for the 1st year sweet wiliams this summer, and now they have been dead head and self seeded(empty pot when i shake all the dead flowers). Should I cut down til the end of the stem? Or leave the stems and clean all the leaves?

Thank you very much




hollie hock

Hi ping, I've had these in my garden for the first year. I'm going to let mine die back on there own as they aren't taking up much space.


I cut back the stem to the base, they do flower the following year but not as strongly on my clay soil so I always so fresh seeds as well.

flowering rose

to be  truthful its just better to take the seeds and sow now for next year.I have just planted out new sweet Williams sown recently .collect the seed on a dry day and sow and plant out.pull the straggle ones and discard.


i have to agree flowering rose.. i also collect the seeds and sow new for following year.. then any that have not beared well can be replaced..

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