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hello and Happy New year to all gardeners

I have seen an offer for Geraniums which I love and do absolutely brilliantly in my borders. they are for bare-rooted plants.

I am tempted to order them but because I don't have a greenhouse, I wondered if they would die before I had a chance to plant them ??

would they survive in an unheated shed with lots of light if I potted them up when they arrived ?? the shed is water-tight.

many thanks



First, take note of the delivery date. A lot of suppliers won't deliver until end of March. 

You can always put the plants along your window sills or anywhere there is light and a bit of warmth. If you put them in an enormous polystyrene container (like those chucked by Pets at Home for storing fish, and then drape the container with clear plastic, it should be OK in your shed. Where are you based? I am speaking as of Essex. 

Air circulation could be a problem. But as I said, take note of the delivery dates.

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Are they hardy geraniums or pelargoniums?

The former could be pots outside or planted directly if the soil isn't frozen.

hello, thanks for your replies.

I am such a numpty, didn't think to look at delivery date

they are Hardy Geraniums, so by end of March they should be ok in shed for a few weeks ???

I am in windy Swansea



I was a numpty once! 

Joyce advice is valid, so don't worry. Swansea is not bad. We've been there twice. Love Wales..


Shazza - I would just pot them up and leave out in a sheltered corner.


You have to be careful which company is selling the plants.  Some are not good, or rather sometimes they sell poor plants.

Funnily enough one of the companies with a variable reputation is advertising hardy geraniums right next door to my answer, right now.

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shazza 3: These geraniums might be quite invasive. Might be a good idea to do some research before you buy them. You could post their names here and see if you can get someone who has had experience growing them to give some opinions. Welshonion might be able to tell you where to source hardy geraniums locally. Just might be. 


My mum ordered a collection of assorted hardy geraniums from an advert in the paper. She got six Buxtons blue which she already had. Of course until they flower you don't know what you've got. She did get a refund eventually.


yes, do check what they are. The choice varieties don't come cheap, the invasive ones do.


shazza 3: I was like you. Full of expectation buying stuff from catalogues or online.  Here on the forum, we have had quite a bit of horror stories.

1) Delivered the wrong stuff: I was supposed to get Blue bayou dahlia and it is a single with pipes in the centre. After months of TLC, they turned out to be one a double with pipes in the centre and another a dinner plate dahlia peachy in colour with white tips. Was supposed to have all double osteospermum, but half turned out to be singles which weren't what I wanted. Of course, you only find that out half a year later! 

2) Some arrived totally dead. Some arrived with reams of roots, but no stems.. 

It's a good idea to label your stuff and keep details of WHAT YOU HAVE ORDERED and where you have ordered them from and compared what you have got half a year later. You can get a refund, but imagine the disappointment. You expect a Ferrari but get a Robin Reliant!


Hardy geraniums are just that Shazza - hardy , so no need to put them anywhere inside.

As Joyce says - pot up and put them somewhere sheltered - ie tucked in against the house wall, or against a fence  out of the worst of the elements to let them get accustomed to your location. They may have been grown in a protected environment so, unless you know they haven't, it's a bit of insurance. Once they've grown on a bit and have established, you can plant out. 

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