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Hi Guys,

I've planted some flower seeds (which I can't spell but sounds like this...mes mer ran thums ) followed the instructions on the pack and put them in my greenhouse but it didn't mention watering them. Having just watched Monty planting flower bulbs, he said the flowers need water to this all flowers, should I water mine?

PS I covered them with a layer of vermiculite stuff, please excuse my ignorence.


Gently soak the tray in a tray of water until the compost changes colour.

All seeds need water to germinate.

Don't over water, spray or soak again when compost seems a little dry

Thank you Matty2! Its a nightmare being a novice when they only give you half the instructions....or is it just me


Your best bet is put the tray into a tray of water where the compost will soak the water up & drawing the seeds down, remove the tray from the tray of water after 20-30 minutes & put the tray on a window cill  or in a greenhouse 

Mesembryanthemums maybe Loz?
They just love the sun.
Won't need much watering when growing though


Thats the one Verdun!! Love them and I know they thrive in dry soil...thank goodness

Changed their names....again now,though. Enjoy loz
hollie hock

 Hi Loz, I water from the bottom too, I see the compost change colour and then I sow on top of this and gently pat down the seeds so the water is absorbed in the top layer if that makes sense.

Where are you keeping the seed trays?

Hi Hollie hock, they are in the house at the mo. on the floor in front of a window, they are sharing a plastic tray with sweetpea?

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