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Afternoon all. Well again after a trip to the stables I get home to another challenge/suprise that the boyfriend has decided to join in my gardening hobby! Not only do I have 500 g of onion sets for 1.15 on bargain price from aldi. I do not have a clue where to plant these! My raised bed is all due to be taken. So my only option is to put them in my flower beds, I wanted to fill the spaces with bedding plants not onions!! Any ideas? How much room do they need, will they grow ok if plants flop over them when indeed they grow! But the next challenge is a wheelbarrow. It was on the side of the road so he knocked on the door and asked for it. It's an old fashioned heavy envelope sided one. Concrete type wheel. It's handled are rusty and rotted through but he salvaged it so I could plant it up at the front! Any ideas what to put in it. Do you think I will have to use just bedding plants and change over winter and summer!!

No idea about the onions, but the wheelbarrow should look lovely with some cottage garden plants in, maybe some pinks, wallflowers, sweet williams and snapdragons, and some trailing plants like lobelia or fuchsias cascading over the sides.  Remember to drill some holes in the bottom so it doesn't get waterlogged - hoping we don't have a deluge like this year, but hope for the best, plan for the worst.


Hi, poor fellow, I guess he means well!

Perhaps you could put the wheelbarrow at the back, drill some holes in the bottom, fill it with compost, and plant your onions in it, spaced about 10cm apart.

Could put onions in the barrow but somehow feels like a waste. Was going to split my hostas. Maybe put some hostas in. I'm but thrown and lost by this one! It's about 2.5ft x3ft and 1 ft to 1.5 ft deep!
Red Dahlia's BOYFRIEND. Are you reading this?
We know you are keen, probably mean well but....STOP, STOP, STOP
Go out tomorrow and look at your plot. Decide WITH RED DAHLIA what space you have, what you really want to grow and stick to that for this summer. If you cram everything in you will only have masses of skinny plant look-alikes that will look awful.
Can you give onion sets to someone? You dont have to grow them


I daren't squish him as I have been nagging him to take an interest and he really has been bargain sporting. No doubt I can use them and trade with someone. I'm thinking the barrow will look awesome with hostas in for summer and make some height at the back of Hosta ally!!

Back to work on tues so that's when the random gestures will slow! He looked like a proud puppy I can't help but say thankyou and smile inside.
Woodgreen wonderboy

Buy some plastic troughs and fill them with potting compost. Plant sets, fairly close together, water regularly and feed with tomorite or somesuch as you go. You may not get giant onions but you will get a crop of worthwhile onions. This method is easy since it is space saving, you can move them around to suit weather etc. and weeding is a doddle.

Tell BF he is a genius and say welcome to gardening. Then give him all the jobs you are not very keen on.

WW thankyou for advice, may take note of that. Hedge cutting for a start. The neighbours conifer makes me itch!!

Thinking some round plants and some in pots or something.

Treat yourself to a new washing-up bowl.  Then you can use the old one for your onion sets!

I have 2 long troughs I put bedding plants in and I may use them then I can hide them away or move with the weather. I do like his new enthusiasm.
* Red Dahlia * wrote (see)
I have 2 long troughs I put bedding plants in and I may use them then I can hide them away or move with the weather. I do like his new enthusiasm.

It's all about training 'em recent OH liked multicoloured pots of pansies. Soon got him out  of that  Not that I don't like pansies but the pots were too small and all spread out so I gradually moved it up a gear or two.. and got them all one colour and in big pots.  We always had a laugh about it though. He liked cutting ...grass/hedges etc so he got on with that quite happily. The house we bought together had masses of grass and hedges but we did it together and were a good team. I miss that. Your hostas in the barrow sounds a good compromise!


You make me smile Red Dhalia. It reminds me of when I got my first garden (this one) 40 years ago. I felt like I was in a gardeners' paradise!My OH was very keen to contribute and used to arrive home with gifts for 'our' garden, some very inappropiate! He even went wild with the hoe and destroyed the young plants with the weeds Luckily the enthusiasm wore off very quickly as things did not happen fast enough

I am sure your man loves the garden too so do encourage him and give him lots of things to do(that you do not like) and you will have plenty of free time to top up on your tan etc.ENJOY.

I had similar problem last year when he said that we had nettles coming all in the veg patch. He said he was going to hand weed, good job I looked. It was my carrots!!!!

RD you make me chuckle. My OH fains disintrest, gave me front garden, wouldn't let me mow lawn in back garden. I got rid of lawn and patioed it. He would'nt care for lavender hedges as they are in front and therefore mine - until now 4 years later when they are sizable and i mentioned buying a strimmer.

I love repurposing stuff, wanting to grow onions and having a barrow it seems obvious to use the barrow to grow onions.

i'm still working on OH with repurposing and building things. His recycling is much better though.

WW is so right. When my garden patio work was finished OH was keen as mustard and followed direction very well not been in it since!

Its my thing though (dont want him out here) and the only thing i want from him is for him to enjoy the garden. i want him to be able to sit and relax in it. that would be the best compliment for me.


Ditto, I like the escapism. Our neighbours laughed at me last year when I was digging out clay, making boarded and tending things as I would be out weeding the lawn etc and I would be called in for tea. They said its role reversal. But he knows it makes me happy so he leaves me to it normally!

We set the onion sets in some troughs and round the front of the new tubs for the beans that will go up the arch. We have some left to dot here and there and some for my nephew as a present as he wants to grow 'magic veg' so think I have cracked it!

Needless to say he was proudly showing off 'our' garden, pots, veg and seeds, cuttings today. 'Ours' now is it!!! I think not!


Youve got it sorted well red dahlia.
I know what you mean by "escapism" in the garden.
I would feed those onions once a fortnight when growth is well under way. In troughs they may dry out too so worth watching out for that.
However, you sound like a sensible, organised person red dahlia so I guess you basically know what to do
Sensible sometimes, organised very in some parts of life, clueless in others. So thanks for the tips. Appreciated.
Sue H
OH Once planted up a container with lobelia in February. Looked nice, and he was proud of it. Didn't have the heart to point out the mistake! Should be encouraged at all costs. Everyone had 'no idea' once
It's threatening snow here. Do hope it doesn't my newly planted onion sets are out so I hope they tolerate snow!!
flowering rose

well you should have access to some pretty good manure.